WNCT-FM goes


Who needs a Christmas format? Apparently Beasley’s 107.9 WNCT-FM Greenville NC doesn’t—at least for now. On 11/15 the station debuted a new, albeit temporary imaging, “All Thanksgiving All the Time.”

“It seems there is so much negativity in the news that we have simply forgotten to give thanks – and that’s why we’re changing our format to All Thanksgiving All the Time,” commented Station Manager Brad Hood.   “As far as we know we are the only radio station in the world that has made this change.”

In addition to letting listeners give “shout outs” to the people and things that give them pause for thanks, WNCT will also be playing fun Thanksgiving games with Thanksgiving prizes.  “It’s everything turkey and more,” added Assistant PD and Afternoon Host “Uncle” Doug Moreland.  

“As the official Thanksgiving Station we’re going to encourage all of Eastern North Carolina to call us, email us, fax us and text us to tell us what they are thankful for,” said Morning Host Chris Fox.  “When you think about it,” added Co-Host Donna Kelly, “we all have far more to be thankful for than to complain about.  So if you have anything to be thankful for, we want to hear from you!” 

The new imaging runs through 11/28.