WNET.org to launch Worldfocus Radio with BlogTalkRadio


WNET.ORG NYC, the parent of public television stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21, announced the launch of its online talk radio station, Worldfocus Radio in partnership with BlogTalkRadio, an online global radio network.

Hosted by Worldfocus anchor Martin Savidge, the station will consist of 30-minute talk shows every Tuesday featuring international news, exploring the connections between issues unfolding abroad and developments in the United States. The debut show, airing today 7:30 PM, will focus on the history of the crisis in Gaza.

“We’re pleased and excited to support WNET.ORG’s multimedia expansion,” said Alan Levy (pictured), Founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio. "WNET.ORG adds to our growing roster of major media brands hosting online live interactive events on the BlogTalkRadio network, which are archived as podcasts."

Levy tells RBR BlogTalkRadio was founded in 9/2006 and enables anyone or any company to create their own live, interactive radio shows using the phone. Traditional stations can pick up the content for airing or syndication. In fact, Levy says they’re currently in conversation with multiple radio networks about participating. “We’ve figured out how to create content online and then figured a syndication model,” Levy said. “So terrestrial radio looks at BlogTalkRadio and it’s a totally different model—but one that they’ll find compelling.”

Another branded network on BlogTalkRadio includes “Radio WD” (Woman’s Day”—it’s an opportunity for specific brands to have their own radio networks.          
Individuals can tune in live to Worldfocus Radio on BlogTalkRadio, or connect through www.blogtalkradio.com/Worldfocus or www.worldfocus.org. To join the conversation, listeners can call (646) 929-1656 to ask a question, participate in a live chat or just click to listen to the live show. Users can also listen to archived programs by visiting the sites or by downloading podcasts through iTunes.

Notable guests on the station for today’s show will include:
Ghassan Shabaneh, a professor of Middle East and international studies at Marymount Manhattan College Wendy Pearlman, a political science professor at Northwestern University who researches internal Palestinian politics Ehud Eiran, a Research Fellow at the Belfer Center’s International Security Program at Harvard University Charles D. Smith, a professor of Near Eastern Studies at the University of Arizona.