WODS flipping to 103.3 AMP Radio


CBS RadioCBS Radio/Boston’s Classic Hits WODS-FM will flip to the company’s CHR AMP format on Thursday, 6/28 at noon featuring today’s most popular songs.  103.3 AMP Radio will be programmed for listeners who love pop, pop rhythm, and dance music.  Artists such as Rihanna, Usher, Maroon 5, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj to name a few will be featured on the station.

“When looking at the habits of Boston radio listeners, it is clear the music most favored by the biggest group of people is contemporary hit music,” said Mark Hannon, SVP/Market Manager for CBS Radio Boston.  “Boston’s New 103.3 AMP Radio will serve the audience with all of the hits from artists topping the charts, and create a number of ways for listeners to interact with the station – from live events to special appearances and contests.”

The launch of Boston’s New 103.3 AMP Radio will be led by a team of programmers including Mike Thomas, Vice President of Programming for CBS RADIO Boston, along with Michael Martin, Vice President of CHR Programming for CBS Radio.  A full- time program director for the station, as well as the line-up of live and local talent, will be named at a later date.

Listeners who enjoy WODS’s current classic hits format can hear all their favorite songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s on the HD multicast channel of WODS (WODS103.3 HD-2).  The station will also be available online at www.wods.com.


  1. “103.3 AMP Radio will be programmed for listeners who love pop, pop rhythm, and dance music. Artists such as Rihanna, Usher, Maroon 5, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj to name a few will be featured on the station.”

    In other words, it’ll sound exactly the same as every other pop radio station in Boston. How is this a good thing for listeners?

    • This the 2nd time in less than a year that my one of my favorite radio stations has changed format. (MIKEFM back in Sept.) STOP THE MADNESS!!!!

    • After a stay in the hospital I started my car and was confused. I always had 103 preset set and that is the only station I listened to. After several days I went on the internet and found out what happened. I don’t like Amp radio. To me it is not radio. I agree that there is already stations playing the pop music in question so why join them. 103.3 is losing a listener and I don’t know where to go. Big mistake on the part of CBS.

    • I agree! There are plenty of stations like this such as: KISS 108 (107.9 FM)and JAMN’ 94.5 (94.5 FM). I DO NOT like the new station!

      • …plus…I was born on Christmas Eve and I have always listened to WODS’s Christmas music. It was an awesome station to listen to it on, except for how early it began (ie. November 10th, 2011). Now I won’t be able to listen to it anymore. DO NOT MAKE ME LISTEN TO WROR! THEY ARE FUNNY, BUT I JUST DON’T LIKE TO LISTEN TO THEM AT CHRISTMAS! This should be on the 12 Pains of Christmas!! Hahahaha!!

      • NO, NO, NO, they are not just as good. They don’t have karen Blake and the whole gang. I can’t imagine the holidays with out them. Did you ever ask any of us what we wanted….We want them BACK. I am very sad over this, everytime i get into my car, i go though the channels then i shut it off…You people are CRAZY for getting rid them…I MISS YOU ALL….

    • You are correct Mary, there are enough of those stations with that kind of music already. Why would you just stop playing songs that people love & do that to so many people?? It is tragic & rude !!! I love all the dj’s & when I listen to oldies 103.3 I feel like I am listening to old friends for years & years. Who cares about the habits of Boston listeners, WE ARE BOSTON LISTENERS MARK HANNON, did you think about that ????

  2. What a down right shame!!! We NEED an oldies station in boston and WODS was the one! I will miss the morning crew especially….BAD MOVE 🙁

  3. I only listen to your station because of the music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Like others have said, Boston doesn’t need yet another station playing the same old thing. I’ll be looking for another station!

    • I didn’t know about the switch and thought something was wrong with my radio. I have listened to WODS for the entire 25 years. What a shock and great disappointment. On line listening doesn’t work for me. We need a feel good station like the oldies on WODS gave us. Terrible decision on someone’s part. Hope your ratings take a dive to teach you that “what ain’t broke doesn’t need to be fixed”

  4. I fail to see the reasoning behind this. In addition to the other stations mentioned, you have the crappy Mix 104.1 right next door to this station on the dial. Just more message-less drivel to cater to the mouth breathers I guess. A shame.


      • Not enough people because Kiss 108 and Jamin 94.5 and WODS will split the audience three ways and WODS will start from scratch since they lost all of the audience they had when playing oldies. The same thing was tried in Connecticut and it failed. CBS only cares about one thing the almighty dollar and they think they will earn more with this kind of format. I have listened to AMP Radio. It sounds like an I Pod because there are no deejays. Deejays make a radio station but CBS DOESN’T WANT TO PAY FOR ON AIR TALENT because like many stations they are CHEAP. So you are better off programming your own music where you can program more songs than AMP will ever play.

  6. CBS Radio: Keep the Classic Hits/Oldies format on 103.3 WODS in Boston!! Sign the petition…..

    WODS has been a Classic Hits/Oldies station in Boston for the past 25 years and we want to keep them from flipping the format to Top 40 103.3 AMP and to save all the current DJ’s who make this station great employed.


    CBS Radio: Keep the Classic Hits/Oldies format on 103.3 WODS in Boston!!

    WODS has been a Classic Hits/Oldies station in Boston for the past 25 years and we want to keep it that way!

      • I think CBS has bitten off more than they can chew. Jammin 94.5 and Kiss 108 have long histories in the CHR arena. Wods Fm 103.3 are well known call letters associated with oldies and classic hits for 25 years. If they were not so much in a rush to start AMP Radio with out a program director and on air talent and applied for a call letter change they might have a chance. But I guess CBS knows best and as listeners we know better and will make the necessary adjustments to switch to another station. In the scheme of things with the new listeners they gain they will lose an equal number of listeners who won’t be listening so nothing will really be gained except being in over their heads in a market that does not need another station playing the same small amount of songs they play on these stations.
        With the establishment of satelite radio AM and FM radio will soon be a memory and no longer exist. The death of WODS is the beginning of that process. I wish all of the deejays that were fired the best of luck. Maybe satelite radio would be the place for these talented people to continue to entertain.

      • I think this was a terrible decision. you had a great radio station. with great DJ and you ruined it. I have been a listener for many years. listen to your public. who ever made this decision should be fired, really bad idea, please rethink this.

  7. Great – another pop hit station I won’t listen too. I hate Kiss & Mix now, they play the same crap all the time.

  8. Maybe more people listen to that…music but the demographic with money to spend is still the 50-60 age group. Bad, bad move.

  9. Um lolz.. More matty in the morning junk bubble gum music.. Yakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .. I will also now shut off 98.5 and go back to listening to Weei… Cbs radio.. You suck!!!!

  10. I can’t believe it. I’m going to miss the station as we know it now. It shouldn’t be changed.

  11. To steal a phrase from Pretty Woman….Big Mistake, Big, HUGE! I wish all the dj’s the best. Know that I will be looking forward to hearing you all real soon.

  12. I sincerely hope absolutely nobody listens to this crap that will be on after noon today. I will miss Oldies 103. I have absolutely no intention of listening to the shit this assinine new station will play. I hope it goes down the tues quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. So disappointed in this decision! I would like to know which listener’s habits were studied to determine that contemporary is the style preferred. See comments above, we already have this format in BOSTON! I will be changing stations at noon!

    • I absolutely hate the new format. Bring back the oldies, there are plenty of other stations playing that other stuff. I miss Karen in the morning.Whoever made this move is wrong. Good-bye 103.3

  14. I’ve listened to WODS from the beginning what a shame. But the truth be told, the last few years it was not an (Oldies)station. I think anyone who wants an Oldies format will be very happy with Northshore 104.9.

    • I agree 104.9 is a really good station. Although depending on where you are, the reception sometimes isn’t strong enough. I think this could be a great replacement for 103.3 if they get a stronger signal. I COMPLETELY agree with the other posters who say we do NOT need another contemporary station here. Oldies 103.3 had a great niche although I must say they’ve been focusing on 80’s music too much. I preferred the 50’as, 60’s and 70’s music more.

  15. First we lose WMEX the ‘BCN a couple of years ago now we lose “Oldies” 103.3. After 25 years, one would think that moving them to internet would be a big mistake. Now Boston doesn’t have a true old school music station. JAM’N and KISS 108 will never be heard from these ears. All we have left is 105.7. If we lose Lauren and Wally, I may as well leave the planet and live on Mars. Shame on you CBS Radio for making such a bad decision. Good luck to the DJs who made it possible over the last 25yrs making everyone’s day.

  16. I really enjoyed the music and personalities on WODS and listened regularly. I will not be listening to AMP Radio.

  17. Before you crybabies write another word, maybe you better take a course in real life.

    CBS Radio planned this change for several months. WODS was top-10 overall but 12th among 25-54. Most likely WODS skewed old, say, 45+. Advertisers will not put their ads on a music station that skews old.

    • Everyone needs to wipe the tears. kiss and jammin need the competition and AMP is going to give them a run for the money and I love it. 3 Cheers to you CBS I wish you all the best and keep that uplifting jamming music running I AM LOVEN IT!!!

      • and are you gonna support their advertisers by buying stuff from every single commercial they air on this crap new station? I don’t think so because you’re probably some teeny bopper who doesn’t have any money for major purchases. Boston already has 2 stations that plays the exact same crap, and 2 more that play very similar crap. This Amp garbage station won’t last long. They’ll change back to Classic Hits or to another format within a year. There’s no room for 3 Top 40 stations in the city. It didn’t work in the 80s when WZOU (now Jam’n) and Kiss and pre-WODS 103.3 WHTT were on the air, which prompted for the oldies to come on the air in the first place. This is a bad move by some big corporate big whigs who only care about some junk research, money and record profits. Perfect Romney Republican supporters too I’m sure.

  18. It’s rare to see a comment section of an online news article with such unanimity. So far, there’s not a single positive remark about the new “Amp” format — it really makes you wonder why CBS Radio’s big wigs thought this was a good idea.
    Sure we’ve got WBOQ 104.9FM (though reception is limited) and WROR (with loren and wally) — but WODS was a great oldies station in it’s own right, complete with enviable on-air talent and tunes well-loved by a demographic not surgically attached to an iPod.
    Even someone like me who is not a regular “oldies” listener would prefer the previous format to the ubiquitous crap that followed Oldies 103.3’s sign off today.
    Really, did they think playing Ke$ha saying “we’re taking over… get used to it” would entice listeners?! Especially with Mix, Jam’n, and especially KISS on the dial already?

  19. We have enough of this music on Boston radio stations. Did you ever think that those who listen to current Pop, rap, etc are the students who are only here temporarily? We need a good Oldies station in this area that plays music from the 50s & 60s. There are plenty of us who still want to hear it. BAD MOVE WODS.

  20. I have been enjoying it all day! I’m 45 and my 19 yr old son is more bummed out about the change than I am. I like most music and I am a channel surfer. I do prefer top 40 with some older music occasionally, 105.7 is enough for me.. I am happy, happy… and I am also digging less talk and more music..I hope they stick with that:)

  21. Another room full of radio managers who read surveys, statistics, market research mumbo-jumbo, who have NEVER actually been on the radio, making programming decisions. Radio is dying because of these yahoos who look at books and say, “hey maybe we should do that”. NO common sense and NO consideration for employees or, more important, the listener. This format will die a slow, painful death as Jamn and Kiss already wipe up the board with their strong ratings. Instead of doing what “everyone else is doing on the dial”, here’s a crazy thought…grow a pair and actually do something completely different. Consider 92.5 The River…while I am not a fan of their format, they program a station that truly does sound different. And, they are successful at it.

  22. This is the most ridiculous and saddening news I have heard today. I grew up with Oldies 103.3. I was not happy when they began to include the 80’s in their lineup but I tolerated it so I could hear the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. Today I turned the station off in disgust!

    Now I see why the Oldies Free Summer Concerts have dwindled over the past few years. I guess the station was losing advertisers all along. Now they will lose everyone!

  23. seriously in this day and do you have to take everyting away now we cant even listen to good music while sitting in traffic oldies 103.3 will be missed by many old and young alike sorry to see you go

  24. I will not be listening to this station. And the way they let the DJ’s know? One day before they were let go? Shame on you, and I hope your new radio stations bombs.
    Will Miss Karen in the morning..

  25. Relegated to the wastelands of HD2-land like the hybrid Star/Mike93.7 and 104.1WBCN have been sentenced to. Well at least the 1% of the population that have an HD radio (or even know what it is for that matter) can actually listen to Oldies 103.3HD2 ‘s signal on the radio, and at least the folks who have unlimited free mobile internet can listen to it anywhere as well. You may as well put it on an SCA subcarrier…you’ll get the same listenership as HD2 or HD3. HD Radio is the is one of the biggest scams of our lifetimes. After a decade of being out, it is going the way of the BetaMax tape. It will not catch on, just like Dolby FM and Quadrophonic broadcasting did not. That is why many broadcasters in the country after investing six figures to install HD are now turning off the HD…to save the electricity (and the license fees). The primary reason for the HD radio failure is that it is a proprietary technology. The owner, Ibiquity, made the greedy mistake of not letting the radio receiver manufacturers incorporate the HD technology for free. It should have immediately been available in every new car radio (and home and portable radio) as standard equipment. One only has to think back to when AM was the standard and FM first came out to see how to make new technology stick…just make the new technology standard or don’t make it at all. Ideally we should have left the analog FM band alone and simply opened up a new digital band like other nations did, the receivers would not take as long as HD Radio has to adopt and there would be more channels available with less interfearance issues. Back to my BetaMax analogy for a second…it was actually better than VHS but it did not beat VHS to the market and the video rental store, lesson learned. The same holds true for HD Radio, it did not shock and awe the market right out of the gate. I am one of the VERY few Oldies 103.3 listeners that is still listening in my car by way of HD radio. BTW, I am still listening to Oldies 103.3 after the flip on the radio in CD quality (when the weaker signal comes in) in my car and at home by way of HD2. OK so some of my favorite personalities are missing as well as the commercials, but not the music. When I mention this to some baby boomers I get amusing comments like “is that like satelite or something…do you need a dish”? BTW, don’t be surprised if an Oldies FM station is back in Boston as soon as July. Here is one scenario: Clear Channel a/k/a AMFM Licenses LLC bought the small signal of 101.7 WFNX. It now has the ability to downgrade its 101.5 signal in Rhode island in order to upgrade its new 101.7 signal in Boston. No doubt a new format will emerge in July. If it’s not Oldies on there, then one of the other big broadcasters (there are a total of 4 in Boston) may just flip to oldies to fill the void CBS left by flipping WODS.

  26. I can’t believe they have succumbed to this…They definitely aren’t going to gain more listeners this way, there’s already plenty of radio stations out there doing the exact same thing! I have to say though, I’m really going to miss Beatle Brunch

  27. Except for WZLX there is nothing great left now. I will also miss Barry Scott on Sundays as well. I have already changed the preset in my Chevy.

  28. I have listened to your station for more than 20 years. Your new format sucks! It was bad enough when you started playing music from the 80’s. I suspect that your all of your advertisers will soon be jumping ship and the next sound we will be hearing at 103.3 fm will be static!

  29. I understand uproar… But… We get older and things change. these are the hits of today.. Im actually glad to say the least someone had the b’s to do something about KISS 108s sleepy big boy attitude of being un touchable they have had the top spot for way to long… And this station will have a better advantage over local listeners than in the 80s.. Because in the 80s radio was not so Controlled! Kiss has become talentless… Bland… And a boring top 40 station with little to do with its local listeners… 103.3 AMP Radio will have LOCAL contests and LIVE local NEW DJ talent… Something Clear Channel got rid of with Kiss and Jam’n years ago. Radio can be fun again for Top 40 listeners once again if people give this new station a chance… Needless to say goodbye Jam’n and goodbye Kiss for me you have bored me for too many years with the nationwide hoopla… And btw Boston we still have 105.7! Be happy and smile!

  30. First 93.7 now the 2nd and newest best OLDIE station is gone-radio stations don’t know what they’re doing-new music is HORRENDOUS and S…S thanks for sellin g out to lousy music-looks like cd s or satelite is the only way to go!! America selling out all the good things in life for us!!!!!!!!!

  31. I’m only 17 but I still liked listening to Oldies. There’s no need for another station exactly like Kiss 108 or 94.5 or 104.1. There are plenty of those types of stations. I remember having to listen to Oldies in the car with my parents when I was little and I enjoy the music it played. When all the other stations play the same exact songs over and over I changed it to Oldies to hear a song I haven’t heard in a while

  32. BAD MOVE!!! 🙁
    Goodbye WODS/Oldies 103 fm!
    You’ll be GREATLY MISSED!
    I’ve been a regular faithful daily listener since day 1 & have enjoyed listening over the past 25 years!
    Hope the djs/employees will find more good work ASAP!
    I realy enjoyed the FREE summer concerts over the years.(The ONLY radio station to feature a SERIES of regular FREE concerts!).
    I’ll really MISS The Lost 45s with barry scott-American top 40 with casey kasem-Back to the 80s Friday night with joe cortese-wolfman jack-beatlebrunch-elvis only & beatle wednesdays! 🙁
    Hopefully another station will pick these fine shows up SOON!!!
    WODS was my favorite station! *However,at the time I DID listen to top 40 WHTT
    103 fm which was prior to WODS,but back then top 40 music was still (for the most part)good.GOOD music lasts!Current top 40 won’t be heard 10 years or less from now as it’s so disposable.Blame the greedy record companies & music executives.
    I’ll also be deleting 103.3 FM from my radio presets as well.
    The majority of previous top 40 radio was good,but lately,the majority of current top 40 is crap.
    WODS/Oldies 103 fm (1987-2012) R.I.P. 🙁

  33. Stupid move bozos,more crappy pop music? Whomever made this decision should be FIRED!!!!! I’v listened to oldies for many years,not anymore.

  34. I was so disappointed to come home from vacation to find the station had changed format. WODS was a much better station than WODS (with it’s infantile humor in the morning). Guess I will be finding another station to listen to (don’t have HD). I truly don’t understand this. There are already plenty of stations with current music; those of us that were in at the beginning of rock are going to miss WODS.

  35. This is total B.S. This new format will not make it. Nobody will listen to this junk! Shame on you, must be a democrat; destroying everything good.

  36. theres no reason why this had to happen. why cant (cramp) or amp or whatever you wanna call yourselves find another station that has available call letters instead of stealing a beloved station. and who the hell is scott!? hes some 30 something year old single fat kid in his parents basement behind a computer praising this new crap station. get a life pal…. get a job…. and stop mooching off your parents!

  37. Why did they have to ruin a great radio station? What person age 15 to 35 gets their music over radio anyway?? They use the internet, ipods and such. I know so many people who listened to oldies 103 and are disappointed again (as with Mike radio earlier).

  38. I am also upset that when I went to hit my preset button I heard Nelly Fertado! I may only be 26 but I have a broad taste of music and grew up listening to this station. I don’t understand why they keep messing with the radio I was furious when they took away Mike FM and now this. If I want to hear pop I tune into kiss 108 or one of the many other pop stations that play the same songs over and over. This was.the only oldies station and they took it away. Not fair.

    • It’s called corporate greed honey & the fact that sex sells!! You should be ashamed of yourself CBS for selling out!!!

  39. Bad news for the new radio station. If we wanted to listen to this crap we would have put it on our local radio stations. should have stayed with the 50’s, 60’s and the 70’s music, 80’s music wasn’t bad, but too bad for you you lost a listener.

  40. What the hell were the people thinking when they changed oldies to a pop station? Don’t we have enough rap crap stations? Oldies was the best and
    so many people loved that station. What a disgrace! BIG MISTAKE!

  41. Here is a station that is much loved and stands out from the rest by playing classic oldies. Why would you mess with something that has stood the test of time for over 25 years?

    Please bring the old format back!!!!!

  42. Too bad large corps. like CBS don’t realize there are a lot of people over the age of 50 that enjoy listening to the oldies and to really good DJ’s like 103.3 “had”….. Shame on you at CBS!!!! You’ve lost more than we have!!!!!

  43. worst decision ever!!! I can’t believe they would do something like this! That was the best station on the radio and they just scrapped it like that?? BIG mistake!!! And they need to know that! they need to look at these sites and open their eyes to all of the people that are furious about this!!! Whatever happened to hearing the voice of the people! Clearly everybody feels the same about this decision and for some reason…they haven’t figured this out! So Disappointing! we need to fight for this!

  44. The music sucks in plain English. You can tell what our city is made up of today: Trash!

  45. I am 25 years old and feel that they should have flipped the decision to put WODS on the computer rather than the new station. My generation is more likely to listen to radio on computers because we are more tech savvy. My mothers generation, I feel, would rather listen to it on a radio. My mothers generation is responsible for keeping the radio media going. This move just scares me a bit because I think radio will become extinct. As other people have eluded to, Boston already has two pop stations, KISS and JAMN. Which I feel can sometimes be boring to listen to because they both play the same songs sometimes back to back. I have varying likes when it comes to music. I often move from Country to Pop because I don’t want to get a headache from listening to the same music over and over again. WODS will definetly be missed especially during the Christmas season.

  46. look i live in NH and i listen to the oldied station every day don’t change the radio from that station. i keep listening for my songs and none of them are playing what you thought that no one listens up here. i go on line to find out that you have moved; to another location. my radio in the car and in the house does not get that station. unless you have a place that i can turn the station on at. i guess most people in NH will not be listening to the oldies but goodies in this area. thanks

  47. What the Fu***K did you idiots do? No more Joe Cortez on Friday nights? U morons really blew it.. My whole Workplace listened to that.. 103.3 will never b listened to again… Shove that hip hop right up your A***!!!!!!

  48. I am absolutely astonished that Oldies 103.3 has been eliminated from among the radio stations available to Boston listeners. It is incredulous that those responsible for making “marketing” decisions now offer the public “more of the same,” and in so doing leave a particular sector of listeners without a station to which to listen. The options of HD and online are not the least bit attractive to me. To the marketing experts, I say, “There still remains a group of listeners who simply are not interested in listening to the provocative lyrics which characterize some pop music.” Beyond the colossal misdirection of limiting a listening choice for the public, it is my opinion that the “top brass” has failed their former employees miserably by way of termination of their employment. Listeners of Oldies 103.3 have enjoyed consummate DJs who will be sorely missed. To them I say, “Thanks for the music; I wish you all the best!”

  49. You think that CBS would have learned their lesson. Back in 2005 they made another tragic mistake in New York when they pulled the plug on perhaps the best oldies station of all WCBS in New York and switched it Jack FM format. That was a huge mistake and after a little more than a year after terrible ratings they switched back to the oldies format. I agree that Boston doesn’t need another pop/hip hop station. Perhaps they should have tried a Jack FM format in Boston.

  50. I was so upset when I heard that 103.3 was going to turn into a the hundredth
    “Hit” music station. The only reason I bothered listening to the radio was mostly because of the funky jams on this station. Now I might put my radio to rest.

    Why would I/your audience bother listening to 103.3 for popular (ie. crappy) music when there is a huge slew of other stations already playing it? 103.3 played into a specific demographic of people who are into older jams; that was your niche. Now that you are playing crappy hit music, I’m not sure how you’ll compete with other already solidified radio stations.

    Not only that, but you just lost a huge number of listeners. You think all the people into the funky jams you played are going to be into Usher, Katy Perry, and David Guetta. Uh…No! Great job owners of 103.3. You guys suck.

  51. I am a 31 year old and I was so mad that Oldies 103 has changed. I grew up listening to my parents generation of music. Really, my favorite singer is Sam Cooke and now we have to have YET ANOTHER station that plays the music of today. Seriously, we have Kiss 108, Mix 104.1 etc. I had Oldies pre-set on my stereo and now I totally bypass station. And lets be honest, the music artists today would be nowhere without the likes of the Eagles, Beatles, Rolling Stone etc. BRING BACK OLDIES!!!

  52. And in follow-up, can we start a petition to bring back Oldies? I REALLY, REALLY, despise this new station. Plus, Oldies had just added 80’s. Again WAY better than the 90’s and today. I seriously want to petition CBS radio to bring back my Oldies!

  53. What about the christmas music?! Listening to it on this station was my favorite part of the holiday season!!

  54. OK, I’m Another faithful listener that has her heart broken……. so loved my WODS.
    Mark Hannon, SVP/Market Manager – I hope someday somebody takes away your favorite radio station.
    Then you’ll know how I feel:(

  55. What a shame. We used to listen to it in work all day. Now it’s WROR although I prefer ZLX 100.7 which I listen to at home. Regardless, WODS was great and this new top 40 format will never work. I give it a year or 2 years tops and they will be switching format/changing call letters. I remember around 1982 I listened to 94.5 which was WCOZ (Kick-Ass Rock n Roll). They competed with WBCN and WAAF. COZ held its own but they switched formats because the then program director told me it was because a large portion of their audience was kids ages 12 – 20 and they don’t spend money (LOL – Wow how that has changed as these kids rule the market). Anyways, COZ one day changed it’s format to a soft rock to compete with Magic 106.7. I did not work! I don’t even think it last a year, then they became the ZOO using call letters WZOU trying to compete with Kiss 108 and that didn’t work either. They then became Jammin which was one of the 1st radio stations besides the WILD which was AM to play that type of music so it worked out but took awhile to get it right. Now, we really have no Oldies station so maybe somewhere on the dial one will pop up. WROR is ok but they play the same songs every day (something WODS did but not as bad as WROR). I thought when WODS expanded their music to the 80’s was a great idea. Oh well, I guess all good things must come to an end.

  56. I’ll miss back to the 80’s Friday night. I hope Joe Cortese finds a new home for this great show. 103.3 is dead to me now unfortunately.

  57. 105.7 WROR is going to have its ratings go through the roof now. WODS was it’s only real competitoin that I saw. Long live Loren & Wally!

  58. I love the new format! True, there are other stations with this format, e.g., 104.1, but with a lot more ads. SO FAR, 103.3 has kept ads to a minimum.

    I’m 59 and I’ve got over 10,000 tracks in my MP3 collection so if I want to listen to oldies I can listen to one if my iwn playlists. But I want to hear current hits! I don’t know why so many members of my generatuon are stuck in the past.

  59. Hey! What happened to the music?? I am gone for a few weeks and come back to this junk?? Change it back! I give you a week and I’ll never tune in here again.


  60. The same basic thing happened in Fort Worth with KOAI. The call letters changed to KMVK and the music changed to illegal alien music. They do not have the decency to speak English on the air. The good news was that the music that used to be on 107.5 FM is now on digital 107.5 channel two, but most people do not own digital radios.

  61. Very interesting! I live in the Amherst area, and I only keep 103.3 on the car radio because it’s the home of WXOJ-LP, Valley Free Radio, the 100 watt all-volunteer community station in Northampton, of which I was a founding member. However, out in the ‘boonies (some 20 miles away), the Boston 103.3 finally takes over the frequency. Suddenly I started noticing what sounded like “robot voices” on the former WODS, and I wondered if aliens had commandeered the station! I have NO CLUE what this new format is called, or what this highly-processed so-called music is supposed to be accomplishing. Every voice on every song sounds like it was synthetically generated. Who the f&@k are these robotic “singers”, anyway? And why would anybody in their right mind want to listen to them? I await an explanation from the community of angry former-WODS listeners!

  62. Wods was the only station I listened to . It was oldies. Been listening since I was 5 yrs old back in1987. And you took that away. Then they sold brockton to a foreign market. Radios dead unless you recorded any of it. To know what a real DJ was like. Face it none of the stations satisfied me like wods. What a shamed.

  63. i’m 20 years old, and i hate every minute of listening to 103.3 now. it used to be one of the favourite stations of me, my best friend, and my family, and now all they play is all the garbage you hear on every other station. even “The River” which is supposed to play “independent music” plays all the same garbage. we can’t afford to get satelite radio, so thank god i have an ipod, since i can listen to my christmas music, 80’s hits, and big band that way. >:\

  64. The “new” WODS is just plain awful! I really miss the old format although personally I like 50’s, 60’s & 70’s vs 60’s, 70’s & 80’s music.

    I believe I recently read that the largest demographic by age is still the ‘baby boomers’; probably the largest listeners of the old format.

    I hope AMP radio falls flat on its face; the owners should fire whomever made the decision to make this dreadful change. There’s other ‘contemporary’ radio choices in the greater Boston area, don’t need another one, especially one playing pure crap. Not all of us have satellite radio or digital radio in our cars.

    Miss you, Oldies 103; I WAS a faithful listener for the last 25 yrs. AMP radio is DOA in my car now.

  65. New York’s WCBS-FM 101.1 did a similiar thing only worse. Without warning after 33 yrs they switched one friday afternoon at 5pm to JACK FM. It was rejected immmediately and everyone boycotted WCBS. Ratings collapsed and after 2 yrs they returned to classic/oldies and is now no. 2 in NYC. Don’t know why they waited 2 yrs though. IT WAS AWFUL. This was in June 2005. In fact to take up the slack WABC 770AM dropped Talk Saturday Evenings and went back to top 40

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