Woman who stalked Tampa DJs is sentenced


Patricia Immendorf, of Dunedin, FL (Tampa/St. Pete area) was sentenced to a year in the county jail and nine years’ probation after pleading no contest 5/10 to two felony counts of aggravated stalking against Cox Media Group’s Classic Hits WXGL-FM DJs Nick Van Cleeve and John Moore.

The probation includes an order to live at least 100 miles away from Pinellas County, FL and to continue her mental health treatment, including taking prescribed medicine.

But because Immendorf has already spent time in jail awaiting a resolution in the case, her attorney says she’ll likely be released from in early September, reports The Tampa Bay Times.

Neighbors, the city and police say Immendorf, 50, has fired guns in the neighborhood, aimed stereo speakers and floodlights at neighbors’ houses and yelled threats or obscenities.

Thursday’s sentence stemmed from an August case in which Immendorf was arrested following three weeks of telephoned threats to Moore and Van Cleeve.

WXGL recordings show Immendorf called hundreds of times and left messages saying she would kill the DJs and do unimaginable things to their children, according to a police report.

Under other terms of her probation, she can’t drink alcohol, have any firearms or live in a house where they are present. She also can’t speak with anyone from Cox Media and must live at least 90 miles away from any Cox Media Group radio station.

This case did not relate to the many neighborhood complaints she sparked. In a rare move cities usually reserve for curbing violent gang behavior, the city of Dunedin last May filed an injunction asking a judge to bar Immendorf from driving down certain roads, playing loud music and engaging in otherwise disruptive behavior.

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