‘Word of God’ Settles Its Own KidVid Slip


Nexstar Media Group isn’t the only licensee agreeing to a Consent Decree to resolve violations of the FCC’s current Children’s Television Act of 1990 regulations.

A noncommercial religious station that serves as the Daystar affiliate for the Spokane DMA got in hot water of its own for the pre-emption of “Core Programming.” It’s paying a civil penalty to absolve itself of its sin.

On Sept. 21, 2016, the FCC’s Media Division issued a Letter of Inquiry to licensee Word of God Fellowship to gather more information concerning the KQUP-TV’s apparent Core Programming shortfalls and discrepancies in its Children’s Television Programming Reports.

This resulted from the Bureau’s review of KQUP’s License Renewal Application for the 2012-2015 license renewal cycle. It seems the station preempted its Core Programing to air programming that Word of God claimed to be of “spiritual and intellectual importance.”

But … that’s not Core Programming in the eyes of the FCC.

The Bureau also discovered that the station’s Children’s Television Programming Reports contained inaccurate substantive information, which prevented the Bureau from verifying KQUP’s compliance with the Core Processing Guidelines. Word of God asserts that these inaccuracies were unintentional.

But, just what did Word of God preempt its Core Programming for? Live fundraising.

To avoid any culpable rulings, Word of God and the Media Bureau worked out a civil penalty. As such, a Consent Decree is in effect that sees the licensee pay $30,700 to the U.S. Treasury and formulate a compliance plan.

Marcus Lamb’s Word of God Fellowship acquired KQUP-TV in Pullman, Wash., and KQUP-LP in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho as part of a multi-station $7.4 million deal conducted in a May 2019 bankruptcy auction of Equity Media Holdings stations.

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