WSJ to launch monthly magazine


It sounds like "Pursuits" will challenge the "Robb Report" in the luxury lifestyles genre, so we’re disappointed it won’t be called the "Rupert Report." The Wall Street Journal reports, though, that owner-to-be Rupert Murdoch has been consulted on the magazine, which will launch yet this month, and has given it a thumbs-up.

"Pursuits will extend the Journal’s highly successful business of life franchise that began with the Weekend Journal and Personal Journal sections of the newspaper by offering unique access and insight through lifestyle reporting that only the Journal can provide," said L. Gordon Crovitz, executive vice president, Dow Jones & Company and publisher, The Wall Street Journal.

"Advertisers have asked for new opportunities to reach our unique audience through a glossy magazine, and we believe Pursuits magazine will engage this audience in a new and exciting format for the Journal," said Michael F. Rooney, chief revenue officer, Dow Jones & Company.

In the new glossy publication, the life and luxury of today’s wealthy world will be explored, drawing on the expertise of Wall Street Journal editors and reporters, including Robert Frank, the Journal’s wealth reporter and author of best-seller "Richistan." The magazine’s content will include regular features on fashion, homes and philanthropy.