WSJRN offering special report


In one wild week in September 2008, giants fell and venerable names disappeared as investors struggled with a market meltdown that resulted in America’s biggest financial crises in decades.  And while we have seen some recent recovery on Wall Street, Main Street is struggling with high unemployment, tight credit, mortgage foreclosures, record setting deficits and dim prospects for quick recovery.

Starting yesterday, Wall Street Journal Report affiliates are offered a five-minute wrap-up of this tumultuous, history-making year, beginning with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Meltdown on Wall Street, One Year Later, anchored by Ray Hoffman, takes a quick look back at the events that pummeled portfolios and pressured personal savings, and then looks at the state of the American economy and business today and going forward.

“No one can put the American economy in perspective for radio listeners like The Wall Street Journal news team,” said Nancy Abramson, executive director of The Wall Street Journal Radio Network.  “We’re pleased to provide this comprehensive wrap-up of Wall Street’s most challenging year.”

There is no network inventory associated with Meltdown on Wall Street, One Year Later.

The report is available this week via satellite on WSJ’s regular program channel, and as an MP3 download on

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