Your Invited to Broadcasting’s Best Networking Event

It’s that time of year when the predictions and prognostications start rolling off the presses.
But there’s only one place where broadcasters will have a chance in 2021 to review, face to face, one of the most important and transformative years ever and examine the coming one when what we’ve learned and what has changed could alter and move business in the year to come.
It’s Forecast 2022 — the one opportunity to discuss in person the impact of a new FCC, of a midterm election set to spend record dollars in advertising, of the future of cross-ownership, of diversity in marketing and branding and what that could mean for radio and television, and so much more.
It’s your one chance to drill down and ask questions — questions that often come in response to answers to other questions. Spontaneous. Enlightening. Provocative.

The way it is when you’re in the room together.

The way it is at Forecast 2022.

All wrapped up with the industry’s premiere networking event, the Broadcast Leadership Reception.


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Take it from Gordon Borrell … You’ve Got To Be There!

Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates
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