How Much Donated Air Time Has Media Given To COVID-19 PSAs?

Local radio and TV stations across the U.S. have donated airtime in the tens of millions of dollars for a public service announcement (PSA) campaign on COVID-19 since the initiative’s March 12 launch.

RBR+TVBR ENCORE: ‘Survival Strategies’ For Radio Advertisers

Eric Rhoads, founder of Radio Ink and Chairman of Streamline Publishing's Radio + Television Business Report, last week recorded a podcast with marketing guru Jay Abraham expressly designed for radio industry executives and sales professionals to share with clients. We're pleased to share it again, as it offers you 20 minutes that could positively change your station and your clients.

Should Broadcast TV Be Protected When Airing ‘Exponential Threat’ Spots?

In late March, a controversial coronavirus-focused advertising campaign targeting President Trump began airing on TV stations across the U.S. The spot politicized the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., and even brought the subject of license revocation for broadcast TV station that aired the commercial. Two top House Democrats want FCC Chairman Pai to assure broadcasters no such worries are necessary.

Kantar Sells SRDS, With A Refresh Planned By New Owner

In the late 2000s, SRDS was nearly ubiquitous in the marketing and advertising industry, serving as an indispensable resource for locating and comparing digital and traditional media across business, consumer and geographic audiences. In recent years, however, SRDS had lost much of its lustre. Now, Kantar is selling it, and its forthcoming owner wishes to "rejuvenate" the legacy brand.

The February Ad Market: ‘Before Everything Changed’

"With the COVID-19 pandemic now upon us, this will be the last normal month for the foreseeable future as far as the ad market is concerned," notes James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index. SMI reports national TV ad revenue for February 2020 grew. But, by how much?

The Near- and Mid-Term Impact of COVID-19 on Entertainment

The spread of COVID-19, and the responses of industry and governments alike, is unprecedented. It is, however, the restrictions on movement of people along with the response of consumers and investors that is causing the biggest disruption and will have the most impact on entertainment businesses. Here, MIDiA explores the potential near- and mid-term impact of COVID-19 the sector.

Triage Assessment Needed? Here’s How LeadsRx Can Help

Marketing attribution software company LeadsRx, along with select partners, are offering a no-cost "Triage Assessment Program" designed to help businesses in a time of need as the nation faces the COVID-19 and economic crises.

Census 2020 Revs Up Radio Effort

Yes, social distancing Flo is still a leader when it comes to radio advertising, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report shows. However, the U.S. Census Bureau is clearly getting the word out about completing questionnaires while in quarantine.

A Benefit For All, Thanks to iHeartMedia

iHeartMedia is receiving praise for pulling off one of the greatest feats in recent television history, at a time of unprecedented need. Much of the thanks should be directed to Tom Poleman, the President of the company's national programming group.

ANA’s #AloneTogether Effort Initiated With Ad Council PSAs

To help educate Americans about the steps they can take to stop the spread of the coronavirus and why social distancing is important, the Ad Council is developing a series of informative public messages using the hashtag #AloneTogether — an effort supported by the ANA.

Ways To Help Reduce Stress While Working From Home

Given the myriad challenges many in broadcast media have been faced with due to the novel coronavirus, we are pleased to share the many ways the late Irwin Pollack believed one could best deal with tension, strain and pressure in challenging times.

Remote News Service Now Repped By AdLarge

RNS is headed by owner and Senior Anchor Lesley Lotto, and AdLarge SVP/Business Development Frank DeSantis says, now more than ever, listeners need to know what’s going on in their local communities — heightening the need for RNS's services and a path to consumers for marketers seeking to reach them.

RMAs Moved To October By RAB

The decision comes in consultation with the Radio Mercury Awards Advisory Council and the Radio Advertising Bureau Executive Committee, RAB President/CEO Erica Farber notes. Call for Entry and Entry eligibility is now extended until early August.

Despite COVID-19 Fears, Auto Brands Rev Up Spot TV Ads

With coronavirus fears putting many under "stay-at-home" orders, automotive dealer associations in the coming days could put a freeze on TV advertisers. On the contrary, big automotive brands could use the opportunity to send the message that they're here for consumers today, and when the COVID-19 pandemic concludes. The latter seems to be what's fueling automotive today.

Census, CDC Commit To AM/FM Spot Circulation

RBR+TVBR's editors have completed their Census Bureau questionnaires. Has most of America, given the COVID-19 pandemic? To help encourage Americans to fill out the paper or online survey, the U.S. Census Bureau has turned to radio. And, to get the word out on how to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the CDC is also using AM and FM radio.

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