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Nielsen Audio Resets September PPM Release Dates

Nielsen Audio is tweaking its September 2017 PPM data release dates. Why? Multiple holidays traditionally led to data release shifts. Nielsen reviewed the calendar and determined sooner delivery could be done. There's just one slight problem, and we've got an RBR+TVBR Observation that shines some light on it.

Full-Year Growth Of 5% For U.S. Ad Market Predicted

If there's one Wall Street analyst who has emerged as a prolific writer and prognosticator, it's Pivotal Research Group Sr. Research Analyst for Advertising Brian Wieser. He's been quite busy as of late writing up lots of reports and briefs on the state of advertising-driven media companies, and now he's released his forecast on how 2017 will fare for ad growth. 

Univision Radio Unites With Live Nation For Latin Music Series

Univision Communications has just made a statement that suggests it is recommitting to its radio division, thanks to a newly announced effort designed to expand the millennial and Latino-focused media company's integrated music strategy.

‘My Black is Beautiful’ Links P&G With NABOB Members

In late July, a multimedia campaign launched by Procter & Gamble Co. attracted the attention of many. The effort, "The Talk," is tied to a campaign designed to start a dialogue about how Black parents should talk with their children about dealing with racial prejudice. It is airing on a significant number of NABOB member stations.

It’s Job Search Season, Indeed

It's a pretty well-known fact that mid-August is Prime Time for companies seeking to attract new talent. Job seekers are also aware of this phenomenon, and one leading online employment website is now using AM and FM radio spots to bring in more traffic. Who else is using radio? A certain insurance brand presently known for the "running of the bulldogs" is back on top.

Here’s A Chance To Stop Your Local Dollar Drain

Want to gain some valued intelligence on where your local ad dollars may be flowing to? Save the date now: the Local Online Advertising Conference 2018 just may be the place to learn how to monetize your stations' websites, apps, and video streams.

What To Ask Your Reps After Every Sales Call

A well-prepared sales rep always has a greater chance of landing a sale than those who aren’t. So, how should your sales reps prepare for a sales call? For Barrett Riddleberger, the answer is simple: Start by asking them the right questions to get them thinking about their next appointment from a more strategic perspective.

Attention Sales Pros: Consumers Are Hesitant To Open Wallets

From job growth picking up and income lagging behind to weak housing investments and the current political climate, consumers are being bombarded with a slew of mixed indicators that are making them less willing to open their wallets and spend. That's the important takeaway for broadcast media sales executives and the C-Suite from a newly released study from IRI.

ANA: Production Transparency Issues Rampant At Ad Shops

Non-transparent production practices exist at multiple ad agencies and agency holding companies. That's the huge, headline-grabbing takeaway from a study released Wednesday morning by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Former Univision Exec Takes Top Digital Role At CBS

Univision's President of Advertising Sales & Marketing from 2007-2012 has just been named EVP/Digital Sales and Sales Strategy. He reports to a 15-year CBS Corp. veteran who is concurrently rising to the role of President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer.

Good Sport: Nielsen Invests In Brand Exposure Measurement Platform

Nielsen is now the owner of a technology startup that has developed a machine learning-enabled platform to measure brand exposure and impact in sports programming. It looked toward the Holy Land to gets its prayers answered, and the purchase agreements signed.
TVB / Television Bureau of Advertising

TV: The Grand Influencer, Even For Millennials

Need more fuel for the fire against the big digital media players eating away at your local ad revenue? Check this out: A GfK study done together with TVB finds that from consumer awareness through the purchasing stage, TV remains the most important influencer in all stages of the purchase funnel — and for all age demographics.

CBS News Radio Selects Skyview, Waves WW1 Goodbye

Starting Jan. 1, 2018, distribution, inventory management and sales of CBS News Radio and its associated programming will shift from Cumulus-owned Westwood One to Skyview Networks. Company executives tell RBR+TVBR the shift from longtime partner WW1 "has absolutely nothing to do" with Entercom's acquisition of the CBS Radio properties and is the result of due diligence on the part of the long-standing audio news operation.

Six-Second Ads? FOX’s First Delivery Is To Teens

Come August 13, Duracell and Mars will have six seconds of airtime to make a brand impression with FOX viewers. Will the teens and pre-teens tuning in simply tune out, or will they remember the products and consider purchasing them?
Dish Network

Is DISH Network ‘Sprinting’ Toward A Mega-Combo?

Rumorville has been filled with stories surrounding the fate of wireless telecommunications company Sprint. The latest tale to surface may have some legs, however. According to Japan's Nikkei, it's not Charter Communications that's a likely merger partner. Instead, it's DirecTV's biggest competitor — putting AT&T on notice.

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