Three Easy Ways To Hire The Right Person

Hiring great salespeople takes time, strategy and resources. Featured Media Information Bureau columnist Barrett Riddleberger has something to add to your process of finding and attracting new talent. Learn more with his "three quick ways to make your hiring more effective" in this special Media Information Bureau offering for RBR+TVBR Members.
Auto / Buying a Car

Uncovering New Insights About the Auto Path to Purchase

Consumers don’t approach every buying decision they make in the same way. Buying pasta, for example, is a much different transaction than buying a house. When we’re talking about buying a car, arguably the second-largest purchase most consumers make, there are two surprising insights auto marketers should consider. Learn how these insights could positively impact your relationship with some of your top clients.
Cox Media Group

Radio Advertisers Get Data Boost From Cox

Still don't believe that Cox Media Group is in no way parting with its radio stations as it continues to seek a strategic partner for its broadcast TV stations? Check out what the company launched on Tuesday. CMG describes it as "a robust insights platform for radio advertisers."

Attention, Broadcasters: OTT, STB VOD Get Marketers’ Aide

A Comcast-owned company has officially launched what it is billing as "a suite of advanced advertising solutions" designed to help marketers reach consumers across emerging forms of TV, including over-the-top (OTT), set-top box Video on Demand (STB VOD) and digital video, using advanced data and measurement capabilities.

Radio’s Spot Play Leader Rules With TV

Curious as to learning what the top brand is using spot television for the week ending October 14? According to Media Monitors, it is the same brand that led the report for the previous week -- and is the No. 1 brand using radio this week.
Cable / Satellite

Spot Ten Trifecta: A Big No. 1 For Radio, TV’s Chart-Topper

Yes, GEICO is the No. 1 advertiser at radio, broadcast TV and spot cable for the week ending October 14. But, just how many spots did GEICO log at cable, according to Media Monitors? The number is massive.

Radio’s Top Advertisers: Present And Accounted For

There's perhaps nothing more reassuring that seeing the names of nationally recognized brands appear week in and week out on a report illustrating who the top users of radio spots are across the U.S. For the week ending October 14, two of the heaviest users of traditional media are at the top of the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

A Pragmatic Look At Programmatic Ad Spending

A just-released forecast and report from eMarketer provides some keen competitive insight into ad spending projections over the next two years. Video is powering "significant growth" through 2020, with the "vast majority of U.S. digital display ad dollars expected to transact programmatically by 2020."

Six Things Top Reps Want From A GSM

The top performers among your account executives "leave clues" as to why they are successful, says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. So, what is it that they crave from their boss? Here are six things Riddleberger says sales reps want to help them achieve their sales goals.

Federal Criminal Investigation Of ANA Members Opens

On Sept. 27, The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has commenced a criminal investigation into media buying practices. The Association of National Advertisers addressed the matter in a letter distributed Wednesday that discloses contact by the FBI to the ANA's outside counsel and how the industry association "will not play a coordinating role."

The Rise of The OmniLocal Consumer

There's no better media for reaching consumers on a local level than radio ... right? Here's some more ammo to strengthen this argument in an age where digital media is destroying your revenue potential and direct mail continues to siphon those dollars away from your stations. "Any brand, including large national brands, can be local, and local can be anywhere in the minds of Millennial and Gen Z consumers."

Video Hits A Digital Advertising Milestone

Here's some newly released information from eMarketer that is sure to grab the attention of media industry executives: This year will mark a milestone for digital video advertising. In 2018, video will grow nearly 30% to $27.82 billion, eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast shows. That means video ad spending will make up 25% of U.S. digital ad spending.

How Much Impact Is Digital Making On Your Advertising?

The "wordsmith of Wall Street," Pivotal Research Group Senior Research Analyst of Advertising Brian Wieser, has just completed an analysis of data on digital content consumption from Nielsen for August 2018. What does it show? A continuation of growth in consumption of digital content on PCs, tablets and mobile handsets, up 15% year-over-year, is being seen. What's the biggest takeaway? Facebook and Snap are on shaky ground.

A DIY Home Brand’s Surge To The Top

When the year closes and the spot plays are fully tabulated, two brands will likely compete for the No. 1 spot on Media Monitors' Spot Ten Radio report for 2018. One is GEICO. The other is the company that just jumped into the top slot in the latest report from the iHeart-owned ad tracking service.

Familiar Brands Fulfill Cable Needs

Tried and true. Ol' familiar brands. That's what one will see in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, with GEICO once again on top. That said, there's a new No. 2 among auto insurance brands in a fiercely competitive category.

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