Five Things To Know About Millennial Shoppers

Radio and TV C-Suiters are obsessed with millennials. They've been credited with upending entire industries, says an eMarketer analyst, and retail is hardly an exception. He's penned a piece on what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from this consumer group. It could help you, too.

Digital Growth Made Easy: Monthly Tips Arrive

SoCast Digital on Thursday kicks off a free monthly series of webinars, with insights to help radio grow revenue and audience engagement with digital. This information could be valuable to everyone in the radio business, across management, sales, and programming from all formats. Here are the details.

A Tool To Combat ‘Revenue Leakage’

Advertising data automation company PremiumMedia360 has officially unveiled a cloud-based tool that uses automation technology to bring greater visibility to advertising sales transactions — enabling TV and radio ad sellers to potentially "reclaim" revenue that until now has been lost due to errors.

A Plan To Make Audio Content, And Clients, Squeal With Joy

For nearly 30 years, a N.Y.-based creative has been producing audio ads for such high-profile clients as AT&T, CBS, Lowe's, and Coors Light. Now, the duo heading this ad shop are turning to sonic branding and podcast ads to help advertisers take advantage of digital advancements for audio.

Ready For Drive Time: Better Data On In-Car Likes

Drive Time Metrics has teamed up with an Israeli firm behind the first neutral automotive data services platform in providing what it calls "privacy protected, in-vehicle listening insights to media, brands and advertisers."

Radio’s First Meal Strength

Westwood One Chief Insights Officer Pierre Bouvard is unabashedly one of the radio industry's biggest cheerleaders, ceaselessly searching for any tidbits of research that make AM and FM radio advertising look better than any glamorous Google-powered effort. He's done it again.

Cross-Media Ad Company Goes Exclusive With Comscore

Here's another win for Comscore. Local cross-media advertising company Viamedia has decided to use the Nielsen competitor as its exclusive source for TV data ad currency in 72 of its 73 markets.
Cable / Satellite

Strong And Steady Clients For Spot Cable

There's not much change on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, with respect to the brands actively using spot cable to reach consumers. This is perhaps a good thing, as continued dollars to spot cable shows brand commitment to a medium when seeking to achieve strong ROI for their marketing efforts.

Seriously? Indeed. Two Shining Brands At Radio

They say that variety is the spice of life. When it comes to the client roster of a radio station, consider it a very tasty condiment.  Two brands seeing to gain household top-of-mind awareness in a big way are each using radio to spread their message to the masses.

How to Quadruple Your Local Direct Sales

What if you could learn how to improve your local direct sales techniques, and as a result, score bigger sales the rest of the year and beyond? Would that help make your station budget — and increase your bank account as well? What if you could learn all of that and have fun doing it? The Hispanic Radio Conference is pleased to present a special session by a renowned sales guru on Wednesday, March 13.

Three Things That Will Shape the Future of Housing

The future of real estate will be "significantly influenced" by three of the most important consumer groups to radio and television broadcasters, according to a new analysis of first names on 2018 home sales deeds.

Voice Assistants: Reshaping How America Shops

Interested in the rise of voice shopping, online marketplace analyzed findings from ‘VoiceBot.AI’, who surveyed 1,203 U.S. consumers to better understand the products and services they buy the most using a voice-assistant. Here's what they found.

Multicultural Marketing Vet Cynthia Perkins-Roberts Dies

As VP of Multicultural Marketing and Sales Development for the Video Advertising Bureau, Cynthia Perkins-Roberts became renown as a respected expert on the multicultural marketplace. Perkins-Roberts died Jan. 1. VAB President/CEO Sean Cunningham led the tributes in her honor.

National Brands: Billions In Spending To Reach Local Consumers

National brands are expected to spend $62.7 billion in 2019 to target local consumers. That's according to a new report by BIA Advisory Services that dives into fresh brand and franchisee advertising and marketing insights.

Nielsen Moves To ‘Enhance’ Cross-Platform Campaign Management

Thanks to newly boosted cross-platform campaign measurement of ad inventory, Nielsen is now providing media buyers and sellers with what it believes is "comprehensive, independent measurement" across both linear and digital platforms.

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