Autos and Insurers: The Big Categories Using Spot TV

In the past several months, auto dealer associations would invest in a significant number of TV spots in the final days of a month in order to boost consumer traffic at showrooms across the U.S. Last week, something different was seen by two big car and truck brands.

Back To School Boost From A Big Retailer

School is now in session across all of the U.S., and one big department store chain opted to step up its ad activity at radio -- rather than pull back following the Labor Day holiday. Meanwhile, it's job-search season, Indeed—and its competitor isn't about to let the well-known job search brand speak to radio listeners alone.

New Year, New Advertiser For Spot Cable

L'Shana Tovah. With the new year on the Hebrew calendar, Israel wants you to come visit the Holy Land. This could explain the entry of Israel Tourism to the latest Spot Ten Cable report from Media Monitors.

Why Were Your Orders Canceled In 2018?

The end of Borrell Associates' summer-long Chart of the Week series has arrived. With that, the final graphic from Borrell sheds light on the top three reasons local businesses decide to stop spending on a particular advertising channel. What Borrell found could provide valuable insights for your station.

Like Clockwork, Auto Dealers Reach Month-End Zenith

If there's one certainty when it comes to Media Monitors Spot Ten TV reports, the end of the month usually sees a significant uptick in the number of television spots detected from automotive dealer associations. The end of August -- and, for many, the end of summer -- led to a flurry of car and truck-related activity.

QSR Propel Cable Into Labor Day Holiday

What was the No. 1 category using spot cable to reach consumers through the Labor Day holiday weekend? According to the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, it was the quick-service restaurant -- and there's a clear leader among QSRs that has risen to the top.

Digital Drives Ad Dollar Growth In July, But TV Up

The national advertising market gained 10% year-over-year when factoring out the World Cup in July 2018. But, it was again Digital that drove the dollars, new data from Standard Media Index show. Radio was flat, while National TV was up.

Does Facebook’s Teen Problem Point To Future Woes?

Perhaps the No. 1 question facing broadcast media C-Suiters is how to combat the magnetic ad-dollar behemoth that is digital social media, led by Facebook. Maybe, with time, radio and TV's budget battles will become a bit easier. How so? New intelligence from eMarketer shows Facebook ranking as the No. 1 social media hub across every age group except one. That would be teens -- and that's not good news.

The 24-Month Freshness Of Campaign Data

Here's something that's useful for both radio and television station research directors, GSMs, sales professionals and those in the C-Suite seeking clients that are closely reviewing this latest report courtesy of eMarketer. According to those in charge of many a marketing budget and plan of action, campaign data is reliable for up to two years. After that, you might as well toss it in the garbage.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Ad Agency Take On AM and FM

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing's Radio + Television Business Report and Radio Ink, multicultural advertising expert Liz Castells, President of Infusion by Castells, explains why radio remains a vital part of the mix for her clients and others actively seeking to build sales and achieve long-term revenue growth.

Take Risks With Your Commercials

Every day you can see and hear commercials that were created by committee. These, says Jeffrey Hedquist, are commercials that sound like … well, commercials. "They make you want to change the station, or at best, ignore the message." His recomendation? Take a few risks.

Data-Driven Ad Sales for Local TV Broadcast

Broadcasters are making big investments in the future of television, pivoting from the sales-dominated culture that has driven success over the past several decades to data-driven, technology-focused people and systems that will drive success in the future.  Although broadcast continues to experience revenue growth, the growth isn’t as predictable as it used to be. 

Auto’s Big August Surge

Usually, automotive dealer associations increase the number of spots at broadcast TV in the last week of a month as a way to boost traffic and, ultimately, sales. It looks like anxious auto dealers are revving up the deals early, in anticipation for a blockbuster final week of August.

Home Improvement’s End-Of-Summer Strength

The kids are back to school. The hot and humid weather will soon end. With autumn around the corner comes "home improvement season" in many parts of the U.S. That's one big reason why the nation's two-largest DIY home stores are some of the most active advertisers in August. One is a major user of radio, while its competitor is now a Top 5 brand at the AMs and FMs tracked by Media Monitors.

Another Big Week For A Big Auto Insurer

It's another week at No. 1 for one of the nation's most prolific advertisers at spot cable, with one of its top competitors taking the No. 3 spot. Meanwhile, a QSR looking to build sales rises to No. 2 with 46,483 spots seen on cable in the last Spot Ten Cable report from Media Monitors.

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