Facebook’s Ad Revenue: A Stall For National Dollars

Is the ad foundation at Facebook a bit shaky? New data from Standard Media Index, released in response to news that another security leak is plaguing the social media giant, has arrived that looks specifically at Facebook's ad revenue. Guess what? There's some slowing growth in an area that's been healthy of late for radio.

Comscore Scores An Expanded Deal With This TV Broadcaster

A groupwide partnership with one of the nation’s largest TV station owners has been inked with comScore. This expands a current relationship from three markets to all of the locales where this company has properties.

Entravision Extends Marketing Moves With MLC

The national sales and marketing arm of one of the nation's top Hispanic media companies likes its relationship with MLC Media so much that it has just extended it for 24 more months.

Automotive’s Last Call To Boost 2018 Sales

To help give a last-minute boost to sales, ahead of the Christmas holiday, one dealer association put a whole bunch of money into a newly energized effort. As such, this automotive brand sits at No. 1 on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report.

A New Product Placement Option, For Univision

There's a whole new way for advertisers to use scripted TV programming as a vehicle for reaching consumers through the use of product placement. It involves AR technology, and Univision is using it to inject on-screen brand messaging into telenovelas airing in the U.S.

Shark’s Back With Cable Effort

Look what's back on the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Cable Report: It's a shark. No, not the baby. This is one of several house-care brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC, a pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions “that fit the lifestyles of busy people.”
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Macy’s Powers Up Radio Spots To Secure Sales

Everyone loves a feel-good story about the power of radio, right? Well, two big chain store retailers seem to love spot radio right now, based on the activity seen in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report.

Cross-Platform Ad Measurement Arrives For DISH, Sling

DISH Media is joining the Comscore Campaign Ratings beta. The move brings addressable advertising to DISH and Sling TV, and broadens the measurement tools available to marketers and advertisers that seek a solid metric for linear ads and personalized spots.

The Gig Economy: A New Source For Media Growth?

An interesting new Marketplace-Edison Research Poll sheds light on such employment as driving for a service such as Uber or Lyft, selling products or services online, or working as a freelancer. What does this mean for broadcast TV and radio? Are there ad dollars here for the taking?

A ROI Tool That’s Music To Radio’s Ears

Websites are arguably the most underutilized tools radio stations have in their arsenal to increase ad dollars and consumer engagement. That's the mindset fueling one tech company's roll-out of a platform designed to turn a radio station's online home into a music and event marketplace.

Auto Insurance, Auto Parts and A Drive-Thru

Three active brands placed more than 20,000 spot plays on the broadcast TV stations tracked by Media Monitors for the week ending December 9. At the same time, one of the world's biggest QSRs is back at not only radio, but with TV spots -- landing them the lone Spot Ten TV slot for its category.

Denim, Diamonds … and Onion Rings

With two weeks to go before Santa goes on his around-the-globe sleigh ride, retailers and restaurants teamed up in giving radio a bevy of spots to broadcast over the first full week of December.

Wendy’s Soars From New Wave Of Cable Spots

In this week's Media Monitors Spot Ten reports for broadcast TV and radio, McDonald's has a noteworthy presence. That's not the case for Spot Cable. In fact, two of its rivals are present, with one entering the report with a brand-new effort.

Deezer, Triton Team For Mobile Programmatic Audio Ads

The ad sales house at Deezer has launch mobile programmatic audio advertising for its free users through a new partnership with Scripps' newest member of the family, Triton. It's a partnership that sends another message to over-the-air radio broadcasters that programmatic matters to advertisers and CMOs.

GEICO: Slithering To The Top At Spot TV

In the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report, GEICO has shown its prowess as a strong user of spot television once again.

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