What Local Ad Buyers Love, And Dislike

"Love it or hate it, this is the chart that gets the most attention every year," says noted local advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. "It's basically a barometer indicating where it's going to be sunny, cloudy, or stormy in the local advertising world."

A ‘Comprehensive Data Marketplace for Connected TV’ Arrives

Global digital advertising technology company Amobee has launched what it calls "a comprehensive data marketplace for connected TV advertising, providing brands and agencies with access to a vast library of data for activation across connected TV and converged cross-screen campaigns."

Spot Cable’s Big Auto Insurance Duo

It's a surprise to no one that auto insurance companies are among the biggest users of traditional media to get their advertising messages to consumers. Spot cable is one of these media choices, and outreach from two brands in particular leads the pack -- in a big way.

Car Keys and Auto Policies: Radio’s Spot Leaders

If you read the weekly Media Monitors Spot Ten reports for Radio, then the following information won't be too surprising. If not ... then you could be missing out on a revenue growth opportunity, and failing to see what's trending in the audio ad universe.

Come In, We’re Open: Retail’s True Growth Story?

Barney's New York on August 6 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. CNBC reported that the move "makes the luxury department store the latest victim of the retail upheaval, as shoppers buy online and from brands directly." The National Retail Federation takes issue with this.

Here’s A Meaty Spot Cable Buy Worthy Of Your Attention

A long-time purveyor of warm meat-filled sandwiches has gained new customers in recent months thanks to an aggressive campaign featuring actor Ving Rhames declaring, "We Have The Meats." The latest Media Monitors Spot 10 Cable report shows this QSR brand is a believer in spot cable.

New Research Shows MC Media Spend Disproportionately Low

Multicultural consumers comprise almost 40% of the total U.S. population, yet multicultural media investments make up only 5.2% of total advertising and marketing spending. That's according to PQ Media, which conducted a research study on behalf of an ANA group.

What Great Sales Reps Do To Be Great

Stellar sales reps do things that others don't. Want to learn what they've done to reach these achievements, so it can be shared with your radio or TV sales leaders? Click here for the latest Media Information Bureau installment from sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger.

DR Marketing Shop Comes Back To Nielsen With New Deal

A full service direct response marketing agency serving the broadcast TV industry that said no to Nielsen has changed its mind, and has agreed to a multi-year agreement that again makes the nation's dominant audience measurement data and analysis company the ad shop's "service of choice for local TV measurement in all markets."

Comscore Stock Sinks Again, Following Big Q2 Revenue Miss

The troubles only accelerated on Wednesday for Comscore, following a dismal Q2 net revenue miss and the announcement of a partnership with a social media analytics company working with "big brands." Already devalued Comscore shares sank to just above $2.

More People, Less TV Homes: The USA In 2019

A just-released research study concludes that U.S. households with TV dropped by four million over the past decade. "The drop is surprising," says InMyArea Research. Why? The U.S. population grew by 20 million people between 2009 and 2019.

Ad Growth Drivers: Digital Endemics

"The basket of media that a buyer incorporates into their measure of inflation should evolve." That's just one of the nuggets found in this latest post from Brian Wieser, formerly of Pivotal Research Group and now GroupM's Global President of Business Intelligence.

Radio: A Top ‘Paid Media’ Source

Customer referrals continue to rule as the best source of new customers, says leading media advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. But, when it comes to paid advertising, the top spots go to social media and "the original social media."

Health & Beauty Go Big With Spot TV

Two big moves in the Top 5 stand out in the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 TV report. They each involve two big health and beauty aid brands, with one soaring to the top -- and scoring nearly 4,000 more spot plays than top advertiser GEICO.

Radio’s Big Two Spot Advertisers: Nearly 100k In Ads Last Week

Two big brands are heavy users of spot radio. One is The Home Depot, regularly found at the top of Media Monitors' Spot 10 Radio reports. The latest report shows a change at the top. Surprise: It's one of the top advertisers in the nation.

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