New Consumer Engagement, Revenue: A Local TV Acceleration Effort

Accelerate Local, designed by the Local Media Association to reinvent business models for news, has launched "The TV Membership Project" as part of an effort to study and develop new modes of consumer engagement and revenue via membership and other direct to consumer models for local television broadcasters.

Run Away From the ‘Face Palm’ Sales Candidate

Want to avoid a lost of pain, frustration and unmet sales quotas? Follow this advice from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. It could prevent your organization from hiring yet another sales candidate incapable of doing the one task that they should be the best at: Sell.

A New KBA Member Benefit: AudienceX Access

A white label creative and marketing services firm has been selected to help bring additional revenue opportunities to Kentucky Broadcasters Association member stations. 

The Holiday Surge Starts At Radio For Macy’s

OK, it's Veterans Day. The holiday shopping season has "officially" started ... right? Well, just go into your closest Macy's. There are holiday decorations and sales galore. To help bring in even more customers, Macy's took to spot radio to lure the early bird Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa shoppers.

A Huge Week For GEICO At Spot Cable

Dominant. That's the only word we can come with to best describe how strong GEICO is with respect to its spot-on devotion to cable TV viewers. It dwarfed all other brands in the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report.

Amazon’s Big TV Ad Push

So, Amazon is out to crush broadcast and cable TV with its rapidly rebuilding Amazon Studios and hits such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? If so, don't tell its media buyers and planners. just invested in a big spot TV and spot cable campaign, just in time for the holidays.

SBG, Envision Widen Sales Partnership

An expanded relationship with Envision Networks means that, for 2020, audio content provider has decided to move all of its products and inventory to Gen Media Partners' SBG. It involves more than over 80 products, and SBG founder/President Jason Bailey is looking forward to a positive impact on Sun Select's RADAR numbers.

Ethnic Marketing: Still Sorely Lacking In Marketing Biz

How diverse is your media organization ... or your best clients? "There has been little headway made in improving ethnic diversity," a new report from the ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) states.

‘New Offline Attribution Capabilities to Digital Audio’ Arrive

Digital audio solutions platform Targetspot has officially removed the curtain on a new partnership with location intelligence and measurement company Cuebiq — a pact designed to bring new offline attribution capabilities to digital audio.

Political, Digital To Fuel Local Ad Dollars In 2020

As any casual observer of U.S. ad trends could conclude, online/digital and broadcast and spot cable dollars -- fueled by local digital's rapid rise and a healthy political environment -- will undoubtedly grow in 2020. BIA Advisory Services has now put a percentage on the size of that anticipated growth.

Verance, AdBridge Team For Enhanced Addressable TV Data

The partnership will make Verance insights available to AdBridge clients on both the buy and sell side, providing measurement tools that Verance says "enhance advanced advertising opportunities for programmers and advertisers while improving the viewer experience."

Sleigh Bells Already? Big Retailers Rev Up TV Spots

Americans may be wailing "No, No, ñooooo!" to the "Ho-Ho-Ho" already on display from Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. to Hermosa Beach, Calif., but that hasn't stopped retailers from jumping past Thanksgiving by ushering in the Christmas holiday season via spots shown on broadcast television.

GEICO: A Dominant Spot Cable Brand

By total play counts, GEICO airs more spots across broadcast and cable media than perhaps any other brand of late. For the week ending Nov. 3, GEICO's dominance at Spot Cable was nothing short of outstanding.

Radio’s Ad Bae: eBay

Yes, there's lots of love for AM and FM radio for GEICO, the undisputed leader with respect to spot plays across radio (and cable TV) across the 2019 calendar. But look who's now in the Spot 10? It's that brand best-known as the platform for someone who can't wait to take another person's trash and make it their treasure.

Foreign-Language Homes Reach A New High

In America's five largest cities, some 48% of residents now speak a language other than English at home. If you own a broadcast media property, in particular in such locales as Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix, perhaps offering content appealing to these consumers would be prudent.

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