Rosemary Ravinal

Want To Deliver Engaging Presentations? Try PechaKucha

Respondents to one of "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal's recent polls on LinkedIn told her that “How to organize my content” is their No. 1 roadblock to great presentations. That didn’t surprise her. "Outstanding presentations require thoughtful planning," she says in this fresh column that puts a spotlight on a fast-paced presentation format you may want to consider.
Rosemary Ravinal

From Bad Hair to Heavy Accents: What to Do On Zoom

As the new year unfolds, veteran public relations executive and "Zoom expert" Rosemary Ravinal has received "intriguing questions" from people who spend most of their workdays on Zoom, Teams or similar video conferencing platforms. Two questions she received could resonate with you. Here are her answers.

The InFOCUS Podcast: Bruce Swail

Questions tied to the topics of supply chain concerns and broadcast media cybersecurity are among those answered by GatesAir CEO Bruce Swail in the upcoming Winter 2022 RBR+TVBR Special Report, our all-new magazine that offers, for the first time, Broadcast Media's Top Tech Leaders. This podcast interview with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson offers a preview of the full interview. LISTEN HERE
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Auto Dealers: Dealers Prepping a ‘Major Change’ In Messaging

"There is no denying that automotive dealers have been on a wild ride over the past two years, bouncing from one extreme to another," says local advertising analyst Gordon Borrell. A new report from his Borrell Associates recounts the events from the last 24 months that have changed the automotive advertising environment and previews what is to come.

The InFOCUS Podcast: Dave Otten, JW Player

RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson paused from CES 2022 coverage on Thursday to speak with JW Player CEO Dave Otten for the latest InFOCUS Podcast. The topic: Nielsen's just announced Streaming Signals product, and why targeted advertisements are increasingly important for linear media. LISTEN HERE
Rosemary Ravinal

Five Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Zoom More In 2022

As we slowly return to work in physical spaces, you may be thinking: “good riddance to Zoom in 2022.” Not so fast, public relations veteran and video conferencing expert Rosemary Ravinal says in this new column.
Pierre Bouvard

Can These Five Strategies Lead To Successful Local Audio Advertising?

With the shift of TV audiences to advertising-free video platforms, local advertisers are turning to audio — not simply radio — to build their brands and drive sales. How can a CMO and brand manager help build a successful local audio plan? Pierre Bouvard, the Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media and its Westwood One arm, offers up five strategies he believes will yield success.
vAll HD Radio is coming to the AM band. But, has AM been out of vogue since these clock radios became obsolete?

Is AM Radio Future-Proof? Saying No To DAB Impacts the Answer

While some may shed a tear over the final broadcasts of a handful of AM radio stations that are seeing their licenses surrendered to the FCC, our editor-in-chief believes there is a bigger, more fundamental question that needs to be asked. Did the Radio industry fail in not embracing DAB? Yes, and no, he argues, as such a move would have damaged the brokerage community and iHeartRadio.

A Webinar Designed To Tackle ‘Truth Decay’

“Fighting Fake News and Truth Decay.” That's the name of a webinar scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022, that is being presented by The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association.
Lyndon Abell

InFOCUS Podcast Encore: Lyndon Abell

Radio industry leaders may want to revisit this October 2020 InFocus Podcast with Lyndon Abell, today at All American Harley-Davidson in Charles County, Md. It's a great chat, conducted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, full of great insight and observations about strong brands and the power of people. LISTEN HERE

The InFOCUS Podcast: Dave ‘Chachi’ Denes

Dave “Chachi” Denes, the President and co-founder of radio imaging, production library, programming and jingles company Benztown, is the latest audio content and distribution industry executive to share why he's attending CES 2022. LISTEN HERE

In 2021’s Final Week, Walmart Remains A Visual Media Champ

The last seven-day period of 2021 has been measured by Media Monitors, the iHeartMedia-owned ad tracking service that covers broadcast and cable television and national radio activity. The big takeaway once again? Walmart is, by far, the most active user of spot television, but not so much a big user of spot radio.
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Radio, TV Leaders Confirmed for Matrix Media Ad Sales Summit

Hearst Television’s President, Gray Television’s Co-CEO and President and Cox Media Group’s Executive Chairman are confirmed participants in a Matrix Solutions Media Ad Sales Summit "Executive Keynote Session" during which the three high-profile industry leaders will share their perceptions of the media marketplace transformation and what they believe lies ahead for the broadcast industry.

Quiet at Radio, Walmart Dominates Spot TV, Cable

For whatever reason, Walmart has not been among the biggest brands using spot radio of late. In contrast, it absolutely dominates Spot Cable, the latest Media Monitors data show.

A Spot Radio Sputter Ahead of Santa’s Big Day

For the week ending December 19, spot radio was not a medium of choice for some of the biggest holiday retailers or biggest brands across multiple categories. In fact, Macy's is the lone big retailer to appear in the latest Spot Ten report from Media Monitors.
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