Aging America: Is Media Missing The Boat?

Marketers have always shied away from the "silver" crowd, but doing so could reduce the amount of gold they can strike by actively targeting an ever-active group of 60+ Americans. Based on new data from Pew Research Center, ignoring elder Americans in the coming years would be very bad business: Older adults are projected to outnumber kids for the first time in U.S. history.

Building a Strong Brand Through Authentic Advocacy

Without inspiration, employee advocacy can feel like giving a bland speech on an assigned topic, says guest Media Information Bureau columnist Kelsey Taylor. The Austin-based millennial argues in this essay that authenticity and originality should be the foundation of promoting your organization and generating exposure for it. "Without a sincere spokesman or exciting content, employee engagement is hardly convincing," she argues.

Local Media Prognosticator Set To Offer Ad Dollar Outlook

What are local advertisers buying? How is that changing, thanks to the rise of local digital media solutions? Do broadcast media and print media hold the same value with local businesses as they did a year ago, or a decade ago? Answers to these questions will come on Tuesday in a MFM Distance Learning Webinar.

BIA/Kelsey: Local Commerce Loves Video

Here's some competitive data for radio that's ripe for discussion in the sales office and corporate C-Suite. Equally, TV broadcasting companies may wish to take notes on a new competitor that could be encroaching on its bread and butter: local TV spots. A majority of small businesses had produced a video in the last 12 months. Said video didn't appear on TV or a radio station's social media page.

The Hispanic Radio Podcast: How To Succeed In A Small Market

If you're in the smallest of Nielsen Audio-rated markets, or in a city where there are no ratings, attracting listeners — and advertising — has its challenges. But, what if you're serving a unique audience you can "own"? Spanish-language radio stations have emerged in that role, and in the first of a regular series of podcasts designed to educate and inform the media industry on the power of Hispanic radio, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson takes seven minutes to learn how Tomás Martinez, owner and CEO of Solmart Media, has developed a cluster of stations in a rural portion of Southwest Florida by targeting Latinos with no other local media choices.

Three Hidden Issues That Could Impair Your Sales Reps

If you have a sales rep (or sales team) that is not hitting their quota, this Media Information Bureau column from regular contributor Barrett Riddleberger is just for you. Anytime you have an underperforming sales rep, there is always a reason. The goal of the C-Suite? Find the source of the problem and remedy it, even if it involves the top executives.

Engage Millennials, And Integrate Fresh Ideas For Company Growth

In an earlier column, featured Media Information Bureau columnist Kelly Orchard proposed a diagnosis about radio people suffering from “adjustment disorder,” a treatable condition that in most cases is a short-term concern. "Keeping a positive attitude in a negative world is challenging!," Orchard notes. "But, those of us who are on the path to shake things up and make a difference consider those negatives new opportunities to grow." Now, Orchard suggests that in order to grow successfully, one must introduce methods in company culture, and properly adjust or adopt them to engage and encourage teams.

National TV Ad Growth To Be Driven By Digital

Want further proof that the future of national television advertising spending will be dependent on growth of interactive, video on demand (VOD) and the addressable advertising solutions that ATSC 3.0 "next gen" digital transmissions promise? Look no further than the latest report from MediaVillage and noted media ecologist Jack Myers, who forecasts an increase in annual national TV ad spend between 2017 and 2020 of $5 billion. But, a magnified look reveals some major trouble spots for cable and satellite TV, and some challenges for broadcast TV.

This Soapy Bird Flies Into Cable’s Top 5 Ad Brands

When it came time for a Unilever health and beauty brand's latest advertising efforts to take flight, it opted to use cable TV spots to build awareness — and sales. As a result, Dove is now a top 5 brand at cable, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report shows.

Healthy Skin and Fresh Wheels?

Whether its a new ride just in time for spring, or the quest for healthy and beautiful skin as the cold wintry weather slowly recedes, brands are taking to spot television to attract consumers. While two auto dealer associations can be found on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report, the biggest mover is a brand known around the world owned by Johnson & Johnson.
CVS Pharmacy

A Spike In Radio Spots For CVS

There's a new battle for spot supremacy at the radio stations tracked by Media Monitors. According to the latest Spot Ten Radio report, Walgreens is now being challenged with a big bump in activity from its largest national competitor.

The Continued Rise Of Online America

How important is your station's digital and/or social presence? Nearly 280 million people, or 85% of the U.S. population, will go online at least once a month in 2018. That stunning takeaway comes from the latest look at U.S. digital media users by eMarketer. In just four years, the number of users will climb to nearly 300 million.

SummitMedia Rolls Tide With New Learfield Deal

University of Alabama Athletics and its multimedia rights holder, Learfield, have announced a five-year agreement with SummitMedia to become the official radio home of the Crimson Tide Sports Network in Birmingham.     

U.S. Digital TV Proliferation:  Implications for Advertisers

Believe it or not, TV went digital a long time ago. This is why so many U.S. homes have TV set-top boxes and there exists a plethora of over-the-air broadcast sub-channels. It is also the reason The Nielsen Company had to change the basis of its TV-measurement system from tuner frequencies to network codes embedded in program content. The digital TV discussed today is a bit different from those early days, thanks to "over-the-top" (OTT) apps. What does this mean for broadcast TV, and what does it mean for advertisers? Guest Media Information Bureau columnist Ed DeNicola, Head of Television for Cambridge Analytica, chimes in on the subject.

A Spring Redecorating Push From A Regional Furniture Giant

If you're a resident of Texas or of the Sunshine State, you're very familiar with the furniture store chains that are highly active users of spot television. One of these big brands has just launched a new campaign, and it has landed them on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report.

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