Is OTT Growth Stymied By Ad Measurement Troubles?

Digital media news source eMarketer belives that despite OTT's surge, "this amount is still small when compared with the $69.2 billion that will be spent on linear TV." It could be bigger. But, "for some advertisers, measurement challenges prevent them from investing more in OTT."

Three Key Tasks To Make Successful Event-TV Spots

Successful ads during major broadcast events, such as the Super Bowl, need to meet three goals. What are they? A new analysis from Kantar provides TV industry ad sales execs with the answer.

Tales and Tips On Quadrupling Your Local Direct Sales

Are radio industry sales executives dooming their own client captures and sabotaging a surge in revenue? That's very much the case, says veteran media industry sales coach Paul Weyland, who had the crowd engaged -- and in stitches -- at the Hispanic Radio Conference.

Auto Insurers Continue To Drive Dollars To Spot TV

Two big auto insurance brands have been consistently huge users of broadcast TV to reach consumers. Another brand in this top category is now in the Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report.

Spring Job Season The Reason For Spot Radio Boost

Here's a way to get the attention of job seekers looking for a change of scenery, duties and salary in the next several weeks: radio.

QSRs Flock To Spot Cable

With Spring Break 2019 leading many to hit the Florida beaches -- and traffic-clogged highways -- quick-service restaurant chains may be flooded with value-minded college students. This could explain the surge in QSR spending at Spot Cable.

Esports: The CMO’s Millennial Male Connector

Looking to connect with hard-to-reach millennial males? Esports could be the solution, and a newly released study from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) only cements this belief.The report, VAB notes, "is a primer on the esports category."
COX Communications

Cox Promise: Deeper Audio Ad Personalization, Through AI

Here's something interesting from the parent company of Cox Media Group — an "innovative new solution," Sympaphonic Ads, which promises to bring "deeper personalization" to digital audio advertising by using AI to produce ad creative.

How Much TV Tune-In Lift Is Thanks To Google Ads?

How much impact does advertising across the Google Marketing Platform have on TV tune-in? That's a question broadcasters, networks and media companies can now answer just a bit better, thanks to a new integration implemented by Samba TV.

A Rocky Road Ahead With AdView For This MLB Team

Don't let the headline fool you: A pro baseball team in the Rocky Mountain State's biggest market has just signed a deal with Skyview Networks designed to catalog all live advertiser mentions by time, date and client name.

March’s Automotive Lion At TV: Toyota

GEICO is the big No. 1 advertiser using spot television to reach consumers, again. But, looking beyond the auto insurance brand could prove worthy for TV station sales pros looking to boost their company's Q1 revenue. Take, for instance, the automotive sector.

Cable TV’s Travel King? Trivago

Believe it or not, summer travel planning is well underway for many a household. As such, one growing online travel brand is reaching out to consumers through an advertising campaign that this week sees a bump in spot cable activity.

How to Remove Unconscious Bias in the Sales Hiring Process

The case for diversity is solid and has long been established, says Rainmakers CEO Michael Ferguson. "Diverse teams outperform their peers when it comes to revenue generation, workplace efficiency, innovation, market share, and employee wellness." Yet, he argues, many still struggle with unconscious bias.

In Facebook We Trust?

"Welcome to the world of trade-offs," writes James Pethokoukis. "Facebook is the imperfect creation of one group of imperfect humans used by other imperfect humans -- lots of them." But, the American Enterprise Institute columnist and policy analyst writes, that doesn’t have to be the end of story.

The Growing ‘Esports’ Phenomenon Now Includes NAB Show

Still don't think "Esports" is a topic of importance to the bottom line of radio broadcasting companies? You may want to be sure to visit a new exhibit floor destination at the 2019 NAB Show devoted to the growing profit source for such companies as Beasley Media Group.

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