Nielsen Data Now Integrated With Snapchat Ad Buying

Don't think that Snapchat is a legitimate ad threat to your radio or TV station? Think again. Nielsen has confirmed that its premium audience segments will now be available on the social media app's ad buying platform.

A VP/Auto For A Radio Group? iHeart Did It

Here's a promotion that one doesn't see everyday: The nation's No. 1 radio broadcasting company has named a vice president of automotive for its group of station's in Market No. 3. This individual comes aboard iHeartMedia after working for the big local newspaper and for CareerBuilder.
Auto / Buying a Car

The Big Leap At TV For Auto Insurers

It's no secret that automotive dealer associations have turned to spot television, especially toward the end of an important sales month, to boost traffic at retailers. For the week ending July 15, it wasn't the car or truck shop that was dominating the Media Monitors Spot Ten TV report. Rather, it was the auto insurer.

From Job Search To Wellness, Radio’s The Healthy Choice

There's some hot new activity from two disparate brands that's worth noting on the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Radio report. A newly launched campaign from a leading employment need website puts a brand in the top 10. At the same time, a leading pharmacy has stepped up its efforts and is also among this week's top 10 users of spot radio.

Auto Insurers Soar To The Top At Spot Cable

There's a new No. 1 at the top of the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report. But, there's no change of what the top advertiser category is for spot cable. The auto insurance category remains hot, and it's just a matter of what brand is outdelivering its competitor with respect to weekly spot play count.

Seven Solutions For Fixing Underperforming AEs

What do you do when your sales reps fail to meet their quotas or fail to meet your expectations? Uncovering the root cause and applying the right solution is critical, expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger notes in his latest Media Information Bureau column. His advice could spark your sales team's performance just in time for the busy holiday season.

Yes … Ads Are Getting Shorter

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Television ads are getting shorter in length, and that's just been verified by a new trend report that analyzes TV ad trends from MediaRadar. The study examined hundreds of brands purchasing national TV ads from Q1 2017 to Q1 2018.

The Future Of Addressable TV Advertising

As many broadcast television executives will note, interactive TV is more common than ever. As such, individual consumers have more input than ever when it comes to the things they enjoy watching — and highly dislike. That said, advertisers have rushed to respond to this personalization trend, and noted media ecologist Jack Myers warns "the days when mass reach is king are rapidly coming to a close." What does this mean for you?

LRN Links With Skyview For Sales Exclusivity

Starting Jan. 1, 2019, Skyview Networks will become the exclusive network sales partner for Local Radio Networks' 24/7 music formats. Concurrently, ABC Radio Networks is set to expand its selection of programming to LRN and its affiliate stations.

Another Big Week For This Home Improvement Star

There are few advertisers like The Home Depot. Their commercials seem to be everywhere -- and that's an accurate assessment of this home improvement retailer's media buying habits. It's an active user of all sorts of media, and radio is no exception.

One Auto Dealer Stays Strong With Broadcast TV

Don't think for a minute that car buyers have slowed down their desire to replace their current vehicle. While several automotive brands cut back on the number of TV spots immediately after the big June 30 make-or-break sales day, Toyota took a different approach. As such it stands out from the pack.

Auto Insurers Arise With Spot Cable

Home improvement stores certainly remain one of the biggest categories for spot cable. But, the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report shows that auto insurers are back at it -- and in a significant way.

New Standards: Ad-IDs, EIDR Codes Get Kantar Nod

The organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology has rolled out published standards for binding Ad-IDs to commercials and Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) codes to programming content. The new SMPTE standards specify use of Kantar Media's audio watermarking technology, an open solution available for licensing.

Friday-Morning Retail Measurement Data, Now From Nielsen

"Keeping in stride with the accelerated pace of today's business climate," Nielsen says its launch of Friday morning data delivery "will provide the earliest read into the retail and consumer goods marketplace, enabling companies to identify and move on market trends, sooner." Here are the details.

Six ‘Commercial Ruts’ To Avoid

On Thursday RBR+TVBR offered commentary from Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson on how the biggest problem with TV and radio spots may be content-related. Today, Jeffrey Hedquist offers his thoughts on how to make an audio commercial bring greater ROI for the advertiser. "If your commercials sound like commercials," he says, "listeners will probably ignore them."

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