Spot Repetition: A Good Thing, Until It Turns Bad?

How many times have you had to endure that one commercial when accessing an audio stream on a popular app? For our editor-in-chief, its in the thousands, thanks to Volvo and TuneIn. That said, the spot recall is 100%. What about the advertisers using radio during a long holiday weekend? Um ...

A New Audience-Based TV Advertising Tool, From Ampersand

A New York-based data-driven TV advertising sales and technology company "with the mission of enabling advertisers to reach their audiences across the full range of TV and digital environments" has launched a television ad planning, buying and measurement platform for audience-based TV advertising.

Seven Reasons Why A Sales Manager Can Fail

High turnover. Low sales. Unmet quotas. Disloyalty. Pressure from executives. These are just a few of the outcomes when sales managers fail. In this Media Information Bureau installment from expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger, some of the reasons GSMs don't succeed are offered.

SMI: OTA TV Scores With NFL, World Series

Still not convinced that the National Football League dip, attributed by some to former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and mediocre on-field play, was momentary? Ad revenue growth of 10% was seen for telecasts of NFL games through the end of November, according to Standard Media Index. The World Series was also a bigger ad draw.

An Ex-L’Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive Marketer Wants You To ‘SeeHer’

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has selected a prominent marketing and media executive as the first president of SeeHer, the organization's movement for gender equality in advertising, marketing, and entertainment. It's an individual with stops at L'Oreal and Colgate-Palmolive on her resume.

Add This, And You’ll Hire Better Sales Reps

"Don't get fooled by another sales candidate," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Uncover the truth about their capacity to perform." This Media Information Bureau installment gives you the answer to what you're missing in your hiring process, he promises.

QSR’s Big Money Order For Mobile

Traditional media channels will get more than half of QSRs’ spend in 2019, new research from BIA Advisory Services notes. However, most of the growth in local ad spend will come from digital media channels. Where does that leave broadcast radio and television?

The One Person You Won’t Want As A Sales Hunter

If you're hiring a sales rep to prospect for leads and acquire new accounts, then don't hire this type of person, warns expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "Unfortunately, they look like a great candidate, so it's really difficult to know from just an interview," he says.

Progressive Rocking Spot Radio To Start 2020

The hotly competitive auto insurance category remains a big one in the first weeks of 2020, according to iHeartMedia-owned Media Monitors. While GEICO is one of the biggest users of broadcast media, it is the competitor that's home to Flo and Jaime that is the big spot leader at radio for the week ending Jan. 12.

Spot Cable’s Big Star: GEICO

Take one look at the latest Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report, and it's obvious what brand stands out amongst all others. GEICO is a dominant leader, but the No. 2 brand deserves some notice.

Gen Wins Lazer’s Former Entravision National Spot Clients

In a move only made possible by a competitor's closure, Gen Media Partners is now handling national ad sales representation for all of Lazer Broadcasting's properties. It widens a relationship seen between GMP, owner of such properties as McGavren Guild Media and Sun Broadcast Group, and the Hispanic radio broadcasting company based in Oxnard, Calif.

Data Insights Now Offered from TownNews

Interested in "a powerful new way for media companies to analyze and profit from their data"? A new offering from TownNews may warrant your attention.

Four Smart Ways To Coach Your Sales Reps On A Call

Want your star sales leader to become a better coach for the AE squad? Expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger has studied successful sales managers for years. This has empowered him to pen a Media Information Bureau column focused on four effective strategies that could give your reps a little more fuel to fire up their sales efforts.

AI-Powered Shoppable TV: The Talk of CES

A top creator of scalable video commerce technology has launched a comprehensive shoppable video experience via new partnerships with smart TV pioneer LG Electronics and such media companies as WarnerMedia, A+E Networks, Crown Media Family Networks, and NBC Universal.

GEICO, P&G Power Radio In 2019, Says Media Monitors

Media Monitors’ ranking of the top 100 advertisers for the year are out, and the brand that comes out on top as 2019's No. 1 user of spot radio, spot TV and spot cable has been named. It's hardly a surprise to anyone who has read the Spot Ten reports across the last year. What is perhaps more noteworthy are Procter & Gamble Co.'s efforts at radio.

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