Defining The ‘CTCSRPAB’

What the heck is 'CTCSRPAB'?? For one, it has nothing to do with the CRTC, Canada's equivalent of the FCC. However, it has everything to with the FCC and how to avoid a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture. Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner explains what that acronym stands for in this column, which results from a request from an RBR+TVBR Member.
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Entercom Puts Its Bets On Podcast Growth

"Premium, personality-based podcasts" and other on-demand audio content is growing in popularity among advertisers and consumers, in particular digitally savvy audio listeners who don't consider themselves "radio listeners." Perhaps that's one reason why Entercom Communications has just acquired a 45% stake in a big podcast creator.
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TV: The Grand Influencer, Even For Millennials

Need more fuel for the fire against the big digital media players eating away at your local ad revenue? Check this out: A GfK study done together with TVB finds that from consumer awareness through the purchasing stage, TV remains the most important influencer in all stages of the purchase funnel — and for all age demographics.

The Required Document That Can Doom Your Station

RBR+TVBR Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is fired up and hootin' and hollerin' about a 33-page booklet that discusses how one can file a complaint about a station, or a Petition to Deny, or an Informal Objection to an application a station has filed with the FCC. What's this booklet all about? What does a broadcast station do with it? Read on, and learn why Benner is so passionate about work he believes helps you save money otherwise paid to the U.S. government.

Are Your Stations Getting Auto Dealer Crumbs?

Borrell Associates on Tuesday will release its annual outlook on automotive advertising. As a "sneak peek" of the latest research from the firm led by Gordon Borrell, the local media industry's leading analyst provided a snapshot of how car dealers allocate their advertising dollars. What does the portrait look like? It's not so great for TV, and it's downright lousy for radio.

A ‘Must Review’ For All Broadcast Licensees

"Stop whatcha doin', cause I'm about to ruin, the image and the style that ya used to ..." OK, maybe it's not time for The Humpty Dance. But, RBR+TVBR Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner insists you should read his latest column, and pronto. Why? "To save substantial funds in fines, fees, forfeitures and, most significantly, legal expenses, I can recommend no better source of information."

Here Are The Latest Digital Audio Insights and Trends

The latest digital audio intelligence from Triton Digital has been released, and it provides a rather comprehensive look at total weekday listening to audio streams. We've taken a look at the data, and we're pleased to provide you all of the details.

What Radio Can Learn From Wegmans

Looking for inspiration and innovative ways your radio stations can best connect with your community, thus driving revenue and an increase in listeners? A supermarket chain found across Western New York that's growing across the mid-Atlantic region and in Massachusetts just might be a surprising fountain of ideas. Our Editor-in-Chief shares his thoughts on why radio's C-Suite can learn from a beloved grocer that's unlike any you've ever shopped at.

Evolving To Compete In The OTT Market

Here's some food for thought: Your 11pm newscast could have been viewed on a TV set, but via a Roku app. Better yet, that same consumer may have previously been listening to one of their favorite broadcast radio stations, via TuneIn or iHeartRadio, through their TV—thanks to Roku. Today, "Over the Top", or "OTT," delivery of programming is more common than ever. That's why getting a good seat on the OTT train steamrolling through the media and advertising landscape may be prudent. In this column, Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of Fincons Group, offers tips to broadcast TV operators on why competing in the OTT market is essential for continued growth and sales success.

10 Smart Ways To Beat The Biggest Sales Training Problems

Sales training can be highly effective. It can also fail to provide the ROI you expect. Here are 10 reasons why sales training doesn’t work, according to professional selling expert Barrett Riddlebeger, and the solutions he's drafted to help your broadcast media stations implement a successful sales training program.
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How To Be Customer First in The Digital Age

Prashant Gandhi, a former partner at McKinsey, presently serves as the Managing Director/Head of Digital Payments at JPMorgan Chase & Company. Gandhi this week penned a thought leadership piece on the things brands need to answer in order to be successful with a "customer first approach." Can radio and TV C-Suite executives glean any insight from this Gandhi's thoughts?

How To Successfully Communicate Your Personal Value

The term “self promotion” often carries a negative connotation – and with good reason, argues WPHT-AM in Philadelphia talk show host Rich Zeoli. No one likes a braggart. So, how does one successfully promote themselves? Zeoli offers some great ideas that could extend to successful promotion of your radio or TV stations.

The Most Frequent FCC Violations, And How To Avoid Them

One of the most frequent inquiries received by RBR+TVBR featured columnist Ken Benner is the following question, “What are the most frequent violations found during the inspections you conduct?” For those who have attended his compliance seminars, a 28-page summary of his program is handed out. It is from one of those booklets that this column is derived.

Nine Reasons Why Your Top Sales Execs Exit

RBR+TVBR featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger too often hears stories about good companies who lose their top sales reps. "In most cases, this can be avoided," he says. Here are some helpful tips on how to accomplish this task.

Local TV News Salaries Rise, But At A Lower Rate

The final installment in a nine-part annual newsroom survey for 2017 developed by Bob Papper, Professor Emeritus at New York's Hofstra University, has been released by the RTDNA—the Radio Television Digital News Association. This last installment looks at earnings, and pay stubs. How are local TV news personnel faring, wage wise? "It was a decent year for salaries," Papper says. But, it could have been a little better. 

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