Digital Audio and U.S. Hispanics: Facts On Habits, a digital audio advertising firm serving the U.S. Hispanic market; Adsmovil,'s domestic commercial representative; and Quriously have teamed up to present a study that offers a deep analysis of the digital audio consumption habits of Spanish speakers living in the U.S.

Five Things To Know About Millennial Shoppers

Radio and TV C-Suiters are obsessed with millennials. They've been credited with upending entire industries, says an eMarketer analyst, and retail is hardly an exception. He's penned a piece on what retailers need to know about attracting and retaining consumers from this consumer group. It could help you, too.

The OTT Market: ‘Far From Oversaturated’

While there’s a limit to how many SVOD services users are ready to pay for, it is far from being reached. This is one key finding from Ooyala’s just-released State of the Broadcast Industry 2019 report, which maps out the challenges for content creators and distributors as they strive to maintain and grow audiences.

The Media Industry’s ‘Chief Pilot’ For Charity

William O’Shaughnessy is a legendary figure of American broadcasting. Today, he's paying tribute today to a media broker with a heart and soul that "clearly reside in identifying good and worthy causes." Here's why O'Shaughnessy has such great admiration for Dick Foreman.

What Does The Future Hold For Media?

What's the fastest growing connected device category? Duh ... it is smart speakers. But, just what is the dollar value placed on the worth of smart speakers in 2019? That is noteworthy, and is a top finding from Deloitte's 18th edition of its Technology, Media & Telecommunications predictions.

Video Ad Trends Expected To Arrive In 2019

What are the latest video advertising trends media buyers and sellers should expect to see this year? We have the details of a new report devoted to the subject, and it is chock-full of predictions around new offerings in OTT, traditional TV transformation, data activation, and new privacy regulations.
People watching TV

When You Watch, Are You Alone?

So much for those giant-size, wall-mounted televisions. More and more Americans are watching video content, whether it is TV shows, movies or short video, on their smartphones. And, new research from MRI's Cord Evolution report shows that Americans watch TV or video in groups a lot more than you may think.

The Evolving ‘OTA’ Home: Top Markets, New Trends

As of May 2018, some 16 million homes are considered "OTA." That number is on the rise, and as consumers look for more on-demand and cost-effective options, there's been a resurgence in this type of TV household. A new report from Nielsen is designed to "to really grasp this trend."

How S&P’s Intelligence Team Views Multichannel In ’19

In its 2018 outlook, S&P Global Market Intelligence predicted further market share gains for cable broadband, "mopping up telco's protracted transition away from copper." What does 2019 look like for the multichannel marketplace? "Turbulence" is a headline offered by market intelligence experts Tony Lenoir, Ian Olgeirson, Neil Barbour and Kamran Asaf.

Three Things That Will Shape the Future of Housing

The future of real estate will be "significantly influenced" by three of the most important consumer groups to radio and television broadcasters, according to a new analysis of first names on 2018 home sales deeds.

Voice Assistants: Reshaping How America Shops

Interested in the rise of voice shopping, online marketplace analyzed findings from ‘VoiceBot.AI’, who surveyed 1,203 U.S. consumers to better understand the products and services they buy the most using a voice-assistant. Here's what they found.

Media Trends To Watch In 2019: Where’s Radio?

With CES 2019 seeing announcements from both iHeartMedia and Entercom within its first hours of welcoming thousands of guests to the Las Vegas Convention Center, Globalwebindex writer Duncan Kavanaugh offered in a "four-minute read" some of what his organization believes are the biggest media and entertainment trends to watch in 2019. Where's radio ... or audio?

Will Minimum Wage Hikes Impact Your Business?

Increases in the minimum wage constitute the greatest number of new requirements for employers in 2019, representing approximately 50% of all requirements that became effective on Jan. 1. XpertHR has some must-read intelligence on how mandatory wage increases may impact your business.

Engage Millennials, And Integrate Fresh Ideas For Company Growth

In 2018, Kelly Orchard proposed a diagnosis about radio people suffering from “adjustment disorder,” a treatable condition that in most cases is a short-term concern. Now, Orchard writes that in order to grow successfully, one must introduce methods in company culture and properly adjust or adopt them to engage and encourage teams.

Benner On Washington: ‘The Epitome Of Complexification’

It’s 2019, and to mark the new year featured columnist Ken Benner has pledged to de-clutter his 60+ years of collected broadcast industry documents. He's in his second month of shredding, and just uncovered an item he challenges anyone "to find anything so pathetically and disgustingly over-complicated in the massive historical files of FCC regulations."

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