Run Away From the ‘Face Palm’ Sales Candidate

Want to avoid a lost of pain, frustration and unmet sales quotas? Follow this advice from expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. It could prevent your organization from hiring yet another sales candidate incapable of doing the one task that they should be the best at: Sell.

IP Adoption, And The Growing Focus On Broadcast Control Solutions

As IP networks gain a foothold within broadcasting, broadcast control systems are becoming more complex by necessity. Futuresource Consulting’s Adam Cox, an imaging and pro video analyst, shares with RBR+TVBR his take on the broadcast landscape and the rise to prominence of broadcast control solutions in IP environments.

‘The Bennerism Broadcast Wizdomics,’ Redux

Of the 57 pages of informational handouts Alternative Broadcast Inspector and Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner also carries with him when visiting every radio or TV station is one that he's pleased to share with RBR+TVBR readers today.

How Your Sales Reps Can Master Cold Calling

Fear of cold calling can immobilize a sales rep. "Cold calling, prospecting, lead generation – whatever you call it, can be an intimidating exercise," says expert sales trainer Barrett Riddleberger. "If you or a sales rep you know struggles with making calls, here are three things to do to break the fear of cold calling."

Fox: Please Keep Turning the Page

Analyst Michael Nathanson believes that while the industry is under siege from accelerating cord-cutting and audience erosion, "Fox’s laser focus on live sports and news content is the right strategy to drive higher per subscriber pricing and more stable viewership trends."

Ethnic Marketing: Still Sorely Lacking In Marketing Biz

How diverse is your media organization ... or your best clients? "There has been little headway made in improving ethnic diversity," a new report from the ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) states.

The All-New FCC Public File: Required Reading For All

Ahh ... the Public File booklet. Everybody loves that required 34-page item that must be provided, at no charge, for anyone asking for it, right?  Well, like it or not, Ken Benner says it is an "absolute must read for all of us involved to any extent in broadcasting." And, it's just been "substantially updated."

America’s Streaming Wars: Will OTA TV Win or Lose?

With discussion heating up that NBCUniversal's Peacock will abandon a subscription tier and stick with an ad-supported platform, there's much anticipation -- and apprehension, for some -- as to what will transpire for video-fueled media in 2020. If you're a broadcaster or MVPD operator, this report is essential reading.

Foreign-Language Homes Reach A New High

In America's five largest cities, some 48% of residents now speak a language other than English at home. If you own a broadcast media property, in particular in such locales as Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix, perhaps offering content appealing to these consumers would be prudent.

Beware of the Marketing ‘Golden Child’

They interview well. They have a track record of breaking sales records. But you do not want to hire them. Expert sales training coach Barrett Riddleberger details in this freshly penned column why one should be very wary of the scary "Golden Child."

Do Your Clients Know How Your Media Works?

When's the last time your broadcast TV or radio station demonstrated how YOUR BRANDS can connect you with more customers than any other media company? If this is done during each client interaction session, that's great. But, what about over a three-day "must attend" event?

This Simple Form Can Prevent a $15K FCC Forfeiture

Featured columnist Ken Benner is particularly incensed over a proposed $15,000 fine handed to a Virginia radio station. Why? He has a simple form that could have prevented the signing and mailing of a hefty check to Washington, he writes in this Media Information Bureau exclusive.

Can OTT Tip the Viewership Scale … In Broadcast TV’s Favor?

The online video market as a whole is working "to put the nail in the coffin of broadcast TV," says a just-released State of Online Video report that purports to reveal that over-the-top video delivery vehicles are making headway. Is this report yet another biased look at digital TV?

Gen Z: Done With the Negative, Divided America

Some 87% of Gen Zers are worried for the environment and the planet, according to the 2019 Porter Novelli/Cone Gen Z Purpose Study. The study, surveying Americans ages 14-22, examines this emerging generation's expectations of and attitudes toward company involvement in social and environmental issues. It could shape the programming on your radio or TV station. 

Here’s Another Potential Sales Rep You Shouldn’t Hire

There are some sales candidates you should never hire. Here's one of them, sales training expert Barrett Riddleberger shares in this latest column. His advice: Avoid the Wandering Sales Candidate!

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