Looking Back, Looking Ahead: The D.C. Attorney’s Take

Over the course of the next few weeks, RBR+TVBR will be turning to media brokers and communications attorneys for their take on what's in store for broadcast media owners in 2018, while taking a look back at 2017 and sharing their thoughts on what's happened for radio and TV industry executives. We begin this series with thoughts from Garvey Schubert Barer partner Erwin Krasnow.
Erwin Krasnow

Ask Your Potential Broker This

In May 2016, Garvey Schubert Barer attorney Erwin Krasnow explained the role of brokers and buyers. Here, we revisit his advice on what he believes are typical questions to ask when selecting a broker.

A Broadcaster’s Wish List For FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

If you were to scribe a letter to the head of the Federal Communications Commission, asking Ajit Pai to consider some of the top issues facing your broadcaster TV or radio stations, what would you ask? Look no further than the following letter addressed to Pai, sent by our own Media Information Bureau featured columnist and Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) guru Ken Benner.

Is Social Media A Net Benefit to American Society?

In a lengthy speech delivered today in Washington, D.C., at the Media Institute, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai discussed America's broadcasters and newspapers. He discussed social media, and the internet, as the coming of Net Neutrality has resulted in personal attacks at Pai's home against his children. This led Pai to ask, "Is social media a net benefit to American society?" His response? "Given the increasingly important role that social media plays in our daily lives, this is a question that all of us, including groups like the Media Institute, need to grapple with."

Smart Speakers: That Hot Holiday Must-Have

According to a new study conducted by Jacobs Media Strategies and jācapps, in partnership with Sonic Ai, a significant percentage of respondents over the age of 12 that have internet access plan to purchase a voice-controlled smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home device, during the 2017 holiday season. Is your radio station giving any away as a cume-building promotion?

Unintentional Ad Consumption: Digital’s Problem, Broadcast Media’s Plus?

How often do viewers of your TV stations or listeners of your radio stations unintentionally watch, or hear, a commercial? Silly question, right? A similar question is being asked about digital ads by a highly influential newsletter -- and it gives more ammunition to the TVB and RAB to go out there and fight for dollars that are rightfully theirs.

Beware Of Hiring The ‘Superstar’ Sales Rep

In this column, Barrett Riddleberger, CEO of xPotential Selling, reveals two critical pieces of information about an underperforming sales rep. If the manager had access to this information during the hiring process, they would not have hired this sales rep. Instead, they would have kept looking for a better sales candidate.

A First Look At The New NAB Engineering Handbook

The 11th Edition of the NAB Engineering Handbook is now available to radio stations across the U.S., and we received a copy. Who better than to peruse it and offer some first thoughts on the latest edition of this essential tome than Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. We handed the keys to the RBR+TVBR Reading Room and Library to Benner, and he's filed his first report on what's inside the big, heavy book.

Why Radio Should Take The Lead On ‘Smart Speaker’ Access

For all of the chatter about how AM and FM radio station access via a smart home device could be a godsend for a stagnant industry, one tech expert has thought little about connecting radio's audio streams to "internet of things" technology powered by voice commands. This may present an opportunity for a unified radio push.

Five Reasons Why ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ Works

The Washington, D.C. conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute has played the role of chief influencer at the FCC since the transition in power from President Obama to President Trump. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Mark Jamison -- an individual who questioned the very existence of the Commission in late October 2016 -- is in favor of the abandonment of Title II classification for broadband. It's an important topic for broadcast media groups, and here's why Jamison is pushing for the end of "net neutrality."

What’s The ‘Black Friday’ Forecast For Your Advertisers?

Verizon predicts a record-breaking year when it comes to online spending, with sales expected to reach at least $3.97 billion dollars on Black Friday alone. That’s $2.5 million dollars a minute. This forecast is great news for businesses of any size looking to make money this holiday season, which is extra incentive for your sales solutions team, AEs and GSMs to make the most of Black Friday.

About That ‘I&P’ Report Public File Folder

This column is not to be construed as professional legal advice, says featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner. Rather, he says, "it is simply a good faith effort to assist a common sense understanding of what appears to this writer and others as an unnecessarily over-complicated item of legislation." Let's learn more about the Issues & Program (I&P) Report Public File Folder, shall we? If not, we could be in for more payments to the U.S. Treasury or the FCC. Neither are necessary if we follow the rules.

Pai’s Policy Perspective: Erasing ‘Overly Burdensome Regulations’

"There are plenty of overly burdensome regulations out there that are holding back U.S. entrepreneurship and ingenuity. But if people call them out and fight back, change is possible." Those words concluded a speech delivered Friday in New York at the Cato Institute Policy Perspective 2017 luncheon by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. In his view, less regulation can foster business growth. It was the crux of his keynote address, which we are pleased to offer to RBR+TVBR readers.

What The ‘Boom’ In American Smartphone Addiction Means For You

Still don't think taking a "mobile first" approach to attracting consumers is important for your media operation? Consider this nugget of data taken from Deloitte's just-released 2017 Global Mobile Consumer Survey: Close to 264 million Americans use their mobile phones 12 billion times per day. Smartphone penetration reached 82% overall in 2017. One would be remiss, however, to state that this is the result of Gen Z and Millennials. This growth is from a different generation -- one that knows radio more than any other.

Enabling Voice In The Smart Home For Radio

In the smart home, voice will serve as a prime differentiator in the user experience. A new Parks Associates white paper presents market strategies for long term success in the voice technology market. Among the key topics: New opportunities for voice in connected products. This is information all radio industry C-Suiters need now.

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