New Insight On Digital Advertising, And ‘Better Ads’

Google can block ads on a website without the publisher even knowing it. That's just one big takeaway from a new MediaRadar report on online advertising. It's great intelligence for broadcast media AEs looking for more fuel to win over clients skeptical of radio and TV.

Seven Ways To Fix Underperforming Sales Reps Today

Got some sales reps that aren’t meeting your expectations? Here’s an article that might help, courtesy of expert sales training consultant Barrett Riddleberger. Here, Riddleberger shares seven ways one can fix underperforming sales reps ... right now!

Could A ‘Kerfuffle’ Between The FCC and NOAA Harm 5G?

Is an interagency kerfuffle between the FCC and NOAA a threat to the future of 5G wireless? AEI visiting fellow Shane Tews believes this could impact the rollout of 5G, and she spoke with ACT | The App Association Policy Counsel Joel Thayer on the subject.
Stack of Files

So, Who Really Seeks Public File Access?

In all of his years of experience, columnist Ken Benner has rarely come across a station that has received a request for access to their public files. Now that these files are online, Benner offers his thoughts on "something that has long bothered me that relates to preposterous regulatory compliance."

A Changing America: What Census 2020 Will Reveal

The Washington, D.C.-based Population Reference Bureau (PRB) has a preview what's expected to be seen in the upcoming 2020 U.S. Census. We're pleased to share with readers the details, which provide an up-close look at key trends that could reshape U.S. broadcast media.

Five Stellar First Appointment AE Questions

"Here's a great post to share with your sales reps," says featured columnist Barrett Riddleberger. This information is also great for use as a coaching tool designed to get sales reps make the most of their first appointment with a potential buyer. "Arm them with these questions to help set them apart."

What To Do If You Play Pre-1972 Recordings

They may be the "platters that matter" to your listeners, but to those seeking royalty payments, they could also result in the "dollars that drain" for audio streams featuring songs from before 1972. However, two attorneys suggest radio stations that stream think twice before one ponies up three years of royalties under the new MMA provision.

‘All You Need For Assured Compliance’

"When you consider what some D.C. Communications lawyers charge per hour, we’re talking a real bargain here," says featured columnist Ken Benner. He's finger-pointing some 1,947 pages on the subject of compliance, and the price for both volumes for the code of Federal regulations.

Fresh Insights On Hispanic Consumer Growth

The third report in Claritas' New American Mainstream series is now out for marketers and media industry C-Suiters. The Hispanic American Market Report offers marketers unique insights into how to appeal to Latino consumers, one of the nation’s fastest-growing multicultural subsets.

Opinion: The FCC Should Elevate ‘Rigorous Decision-Making’

The rise in partisanship at the FCC is a product of both Congressional interference and the FCC's siloed structure, says Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI. He believes "a functional reorganization" could improve the FCC's ability to carry out its responsibilities.

Among The License Renewal Nightmares ….

How can FM translators and boosters be certified as compliant under the “mock” or Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program? That's a question posed to featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, who shares his words of wisdom in this exclusive column.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Avoiding ‘Lender Nightmares’

Erwin Krasnow and Doug Ferber have penned a four-part series of articles exclusively for RBR+TVBR readers on ensuring a smooth closing. In this concluding article, Krasnow and Ferber discuss how to make the closing of a broadcast deal a dream, as opposed to a nightmare.

Smart Car Interest … But At What Cost?

With sophisticated digital and smart technologies generating headlines for automakers, many consumers are beginning to consider these devices and services as essential equipment for their own cars. But GfK research shows that people who see smart auto technologies as “must haves” still may have misconceptions about what they might cost.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Keeping The Dream Alive

Don't let your radio or TV station deal implode right before closing. Here are some tips to avoid such a nightmare scenario, in Part Three of an exclusive four-part series from noted D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow and media broker Doug Ferber.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Avoiding The Nightmare

Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer and Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors have provided an exclusive four-part article for RBR+TVBR on what can go wrong at closing, and how to ensure that the closing is completed on the scheduled date. Here's the second installment.

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