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‘We Need To Take Another Step Forward in the World of Measurement.’

In this exclusive column, LeadsRx CEO and Co-Founder AJ Brown says the radio industry "was on the bleeding edge" and broadcasters were the first pervasive users of marketing attribution to measure campaign effectiveness. Thus, they have led in the creation of an industry around ad measurement and tracking customer journeys valued by marketers.

Should Traditional Media Content Come With ‘Fake News’ Warnings?

The debate over whether social media platforms should be held accountable for ensuring the content they carry is “truthful” continues to rage. As AEI adjunct scholar Bronwyn Howell notes, fact-checking is costly. As such, internet platforms are attaching warnings where there is any doubt about content. Should broadcasters do the same, whether online or on the air?

This Year Next Year: The U.S. End-of-Year Forecast

GroupM Global President of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser is one of a host of top-flight media and advertising industry experts and thought leaders on the agenda for Radio's Financial Summit, the virtual Forecast 2021 LIVE, scheduled for December 8-9. In a taste of what attendees will hear, Wieser has offered his U.S. end-of-year forecast for 2020. He's optimistic.

Daytime TV: The ‘Second Prime-Time’ For Total Consumption

With the newly established routines of consumers, the colder winter months and increased movement restrictions will further solidify daytime TV as a true work companion, Nielsen believes. In its words, "Understanding these behaviors now is vital, as they can leave a lasting impact on a post lockdown world."

Radio’s 101st Year: What Could It Bring?

In this exclusive commentary, programmer/consultant-turned-licensee Clark Smidt notes that, as Radio celebrates its centennial, it came of age in a similarly problematic pandemic. While much has changed, there's one commonality that very much matters more than a century later.

‘Exclusionary Inclusivity’ Chided By Hispanic Marketing Group

America is undergoing a process of social transformation. As a nation, this is impacting corporate America, the advertising and marketing industry and is encouraging dialogue of equity and inclusion regarding ethnic sectors. A recent initiative launched last week has prompted the Culture Marketing Council (CMC), the voice of Hispanic marketing, to comment.

TV Advertising Trends Are Better than Forecast. Why?

Why is TV advertising trending this much better and is it sustainable? That’s a question that noted Wall Street observer Michael Nathanson, Senior Analyst at MoffettNathanson, asks in a new investor note.

Cord Cutting in Q3: ‘Are We Finding a Floor?’

"Is the glass half-empty, or half-full?" That's a question MoffettNathanson Senior Analyst Michael Nathanson asks in an investor note that examines the pay-TV industry's health through the third quarter of 2020. The glass half-empty argument is one he focuses on first. What's his ultimate conclusion?

Radio’s Resonance: ‘A Continued Appetite for Lean-Back Experiences’

With music streaming subscriptions approaching 400 million worldwide in 2020, helped by podcasts, it's easy to overlook the continued significance of radio. Futuresource’s recent Audio Collaborative included a panel session exploring the Future of Radio. The key takeaway: community, companionship, and being live and local maintain radio's relevance.

The Biden Administration & Advertising: A Forecast Preview From Weiser

Group M Global President of Business Intelligence Brian Wieser is considered by some to be “Madison Avenue’s de facto chief economist.” Wieser is one of many standout speakers participating Dec. 8 in the second of the two-day Forecast 2021 LIVE virtual conference. Here, he offers a prognostication for "predictable change" for the U.S. once Joe Biden is President.

ANA: ‘Ethnic Diversity Still Lacking’ In Marketing Business

With the start of the virtual 2020 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, which began Tuesday with strong sessions from Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard and Nestlé U.S. CMO Alicia Enciso, the ANA released a new diversity report that paints a sober picture of just how lacking diversity remains in the U.S. marketing industry.

Take This, COVID-19: We’re Still Holiday Shopping In Stores

As COVID-19 pandemic concerns haven't abated much since mid-March, will the holiday shopping season be a largely digital affair? No, a new study finds.

Media and Entertainment M&A: Securing Content, and Consumers

With content consumption and distribution trends shifting rapidly, there’s no guarantee of survival—one major reason why storied media brands are looking to combine assets to strengthen their position and prepare for a new era, whatever it might look like. A Deloitte Center for Technology, Media & Entertainment leader shares insight on the subject.

American Radio Listeners: Ready to Open Their Wallets

A consumer lifestyle survey conducted by Nielsen Audio found that 53% of Americans believe life is starting to normalize, they are more likely to resume typical activities and are starting to shop more as restrictions permit. That doesn’t mean, however, that these consumers are disregarding health and safety. Here's the latest on what heavy radio listeners are buying.

The Potential Impact of a Minority Tax Certificate

The benefits a restoration by Congress of the minority tax certificate would bring to increasing the percentage of broadcast TV and/or radio station owners who are either women or people of color is a top topic in 2020. A FCC Symposium session held Friday shared its potential strengths by putting a spotlight on one who benefited from it the first time around.

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