Roseland Answers Spirit’s Prayer With LPTV Buys

Three low-powered TV stations located in the Lone Star State, as well as a new facility serving a Northern California city, are trading hands. The buyer is based in Little Rock and led by Julie Huang.

A Rocky Deal Brings Four Corners Culture To Durango

The southwestern Colorado city of Durango is one of the most beautiful locales in the Rocky Mountains. Here, an FM translator is being acquired by a local FM offering news, classical music and jazz programming from an Asian American operator based in California.

Hill Country AM Rises From The Ashes

An AM radio station with 250 watts of power and an FM translator are presently silent. The translator is unbuilt, while the AM went silent nearly two years ago. On Feb. 1, the FCC negated a license cancellation -- a move that led the licensee to sell the facilities.
Broadcast Tower

Central NJ Non-comm Finds A New Owner

A Class B1 noncommercial FM is being sold by an institution of higher learning. It's the latest deal to involve a college or university parting ways with their radio station.
Broadcast Tower

A Sound Sale For A Vermont AM

A Class D AM close to the U.S.-Canada border is trading hands. It also involves an FM translator, which is unbuilt but has a facility ready to go on a busy interstate highway between Quebec and Vermont's largest city.

Waller Adds Again In Central Florida

The fast-growing Lakeland, Fla., area doesn't have too many of its own local media outlets, given its proximity to Tampa and to Orlando. One operator smells opportunity, and just snagged a second radio station serving an area home to Publix HQ and Legoland.

VCY America Grows In Grand Canyon State

In January, Wisconsin-based VCY America closed on its acquisition of KCCF-FM in Phoenix, from Cesar Chavez Foundation. It turns out VCY wanted more than just a presence in the Valley of the Sun, and just worked with Kalil & Co. in landing another station. 

Roseland Receives Sunshine State LPTV

A construction permit associated with a low-power TV station in Gadsden County, Fla., on the Florida-Georgia line, is trading hands. The buyer is a Little Rock-based entity led by Julie Huang.

Choice Sale: An AM/FM Combo, Plus Translator

In a deal brokered by Ed Henson of Henson Media, an AM/FM combo in a Kentucky community -- along with an FM translator -- are being transferred. As it turns out, this deal is a Choice decision. And, it follows a deal with Randy Michaels.

Twin Spins Secured With Lone Star Closings

In two separately filed deals, HPRN agreed to acquire stations in New Mexico and in Amarillo, Tex., market. These deals were submitted to the FCC for approval in October. Closing was seen today, as was the case for another Texas deal handled by Media Services Group.

A Hawaiian LPTV Station Gains 50-50 Partnership

A low-power TV station serving a big resort town on Maui's West Side is being transferred into a newly formed entity that represents a 50-50 partnership between two individuals.
Broadcast Tower

Here’s a Translator Transaction Worth Taking Note Of

How much could a pair of translators in the Carolinas possibly go for? In the case of these two valued FM signals, the price could be surprising to some.

Georgia ‘Zoom’ Readies To Drive Off Into Sunset

To the far southeast of Atlanta sits a Class A FM facility with an Adult Hits format branded as "Zoom."Unfortunately, fans of the station will soon be driving off to another place on the dial, as a non-secular operator is buying it and changing directions.

South-of-Boise Boomer Captured By Calvary

A Class C3 facility with just 380 watts, but at 8,087 feet above sea level, is being sold to a non-secular broadcaster in a deal that involves Idaho's largest radio market.

Alpha Closes On TeleSouth Sale

In December 2018, broker of record Kalil & Co. shared the news that Alpha Media has agreed to sell its six station (and one FM translator) cluster in a Deep South market to a regional operator. On Friday, that transaction officially closed.

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