Good News From AZ: Tucker Officially Takes An AM

In September 2018, Ted Tucker and his wife Jana Tucker, via a 50-50 partnership, agreed to acquire am AM facility in the Grand Canyon State. That deal has now closed, providing some "Good News" for Doug and Mary Martin.
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Church Planters At Peace With N.C. Station Sale

Nearly three years ago, the operator of a Class C1 noncomm serving Coastal North Carolina found itself in violation of an FCC rule. But, it received FCC approval for the construction of its facility. Now, the licensee has decided to spin the station to another non-secular operator.
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A Former EMF AM Trades Hands

In October 2010, EMF acquired three stations in Pennsylvania towns located near Youngstown, Ohio. It spun two of the stations to a local broadcaster that has now opted to sell the facility, and its FM translator, to another locally based owner. It's a deal that saw the involvement of CMS Station Brokerage.

Owner’s Death Leads To KZIA Ownership Tweak

Nearly one year ago, the owner of one of the nation's most successful independently owned CHR/Pop radio stations died in a traffic accident. Now, a formal change of interest involving the other ownership partners in this FM have moved forward with a Form 315 filing with the Commission.

Mortenson Makes A Big D Departure

Mortenson Broadcasting has enjoyed a presence in North Texas by way of a pair of AM radio stations licensed to Fort Worth and, in recent months, through an FM translator serving the western half of the Metroplex. Now, Mortenson is saying goodbye -- or, perhaps 안녕 -- to those facilities.

ESPN Middle Georgia Gets Shanked

At 1150 kHz near the city of Macon, Georgia, is a Sports Talker that uses three FM translators to serve "Middle Georgia" as an ESPN Radio affiliate. Its owner just punted the stations to a new owner.

Kalil-Brokered Deals Formally Close

The sale of a pair of Washington, D.C.-area AM stations handled by Tucson-based media brokerage Kalil & Co. has formally closed. So has the transfer of control of an FM radio station in the Valley of the Sun from Cesar Chavez Foundation to another non-secular operator.

A Texas AM, With Translator, Gets Traded

A Class C AM serving a city in the Lone Star State, along with its FM translator, are being sold from a North Texas group to an East Texas entity. The buyer is a broadcaster who has enjoyed an owner partnership for another licensee with nationally known political figure Mike Huckabee.

Mohr Stations For This ‘Mitten’ Holder

The individual who has 100% control of a Michigan station being operated under a LMA by 45 North Media has agreed to purchase an AM/FM combo — along with an FM translator — serving another city in the state that looks like a mitten.

Keys Delivered For Smaller Christian Kingdom

A broadcast ministry offering Christian Talk & Teaching programs across eight full-power FMs and eight FM translators is shrinking its kingdom. It is doing so through the sale of an FM located far to the south of its other stations.

Big Sky Entry For MSU’s Eclectic FM

In September 2017, TRANSACTIONS TODAY reported on the sale of a silent FM translator serving a popular Montana winter resort town. It appears this facility remains dark, and the individual who bought the translator some 15 months ago has just sold it to a university.

Baker Act Results In Translator Sale

The FCC on Monday and today was open for business -- and the submission of Form 345 and Form 314 asset purchase agreements. There were no such latter filings, with today's tale totally focused on an FM translator.

Utah Ejection For Zeta and Yorem

An AM/FM combo and an FM translator located along Utah's Wasatch Front are being dealt to a new owner. With the sale, the stations are now on the path to returning to the airwaves.

Georgia ‘Ridge’ Captured By A CCM Giant

"Jesus Is Just Alright" and the Doors' "The End" could make for a perfect transition to what's about to land on this station's signal. A sale to the No. 2 licensee of radio stations in the U.S. has been consummated, and we're first with the story!

A ‘Major Market’ TV Deal Gets Done

More than nine months ago, a journalist who heads a U.S.-based television network targeting South Asian consumers acquired an Otter. Really. That deal involved a low-power television facility in Northern California that used the Otter name for its branding, prior to its sale. Now, the same buyer is grabbing an LD facility in a market home to a plethora of theme parks.

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