Ohio State’s Doobie Deal An FM Steal

Chalk up another university-owned noncommercial FM that's given up its over-the-air broadcast facility. Denison University's 100-watt facility has been silenced, with programming moving online. Now, the school is parting ways with the station by selling it to the collegiate giant of the Buckeye State.

Another University Sells Its Radio Station

An institution of higher learning located in Ohio is known for its Polar Bears. That would be the mascot for Ohio Northern University. What it won't be known for in the next academic year? Its student-run radio station. The facility has just been sold.

Vidalia Deal Done For Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones has built himself a radio broadcasting company that, until now, has been comprised of seven radio stations serving communities in Georgia. Now, thanks to FCC approval and a successful closing, his RadioJones LLC has expanded to 11 properties.

Maine AM Motors Away From Port

In December 2016, a Class C AM serving a city in Maine headed to its third owner within 12 months. Three years later, that licensee is spinning this property once again -- a facility known to locals as "The Country Road."

A Morning Man’s Big Buy

Travel west of Terre Haute, Ind., and you'll see the radio tower for a Class A FM licensed to the town of Marshall, Ill. It's a property that's now being sold to a guy who's very familiar with the station. That's because it is the station's morning host.

Flash Sale: North-of-Nashville AMs Get Godly Sum

A pair of Class D AM stations have served a community within the Nashville DMA with a blend of Talk programming that includes syndicated hosts offering shows distributed by Salem Radio Network. Now, the stations are being sold. A switch to non-secular fare is forthcoming.

This Deal Is Certainly ‘Lifting Up Jesus

With Entercom's WLYF-FM 101.5 "Lite FM" in balmy Miami the latest station to adopt an all-Christmas format, even though it's not Thanksgiving yet, thinking of Jesus is certainly top of mind. As such, this deal in the Land of Lincoln may be perfectly timed to usher in a new owner.

EMF Captures Cochise Duo, Closes ATL Deal

A contract has been signed and an application is being filed with the FCC for the transfer of two radio stations in Wyoming from a local company led by Ted Tucker. The buyer in this deal brokered by Kalil & Co. is the No. 2 licensee of radio stations in the U.S. -- which has closed on its Atlanta deal.

Norfolk’s ‘Selecta’ Selects A Latin Owner

In a transaction that sees Francisco Montero of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth serve as the buyer's legal counsel, a Class B AM offering Spanish-language programming to the Hampton Roads of Virginia is trading hands. A change in presentation isn't expected, given the buyer.
Broadcast Tower

A SLC AM Exits Kona Coast

Vic Michael's Kona Coast Radio has decided to part ways with a Salt Lake City-market AM and its unbuilt FM translator, which will eventually be licensed to the city of Bluffdale, Utah. Who's the buyer of this 1kw Class C with 1 tower?

Children’s Home Sells Christian ‘Compass’

From a tower to the north of Altoona, Pa., local listeners have until recently been able to tune to Christian-themed music and teaching programs from a noncommercial FM billed as “The Compass.” Now, this station that offers “Direction for Life” is going in a new direction. It’s just been sold.

Jackson Hole Radio Grabs A Four-Station Cluster

Under the brand Jackson Hole Radio, a group locally managed by Lynda John is now operating a collection of properties that include a trio of FMs and a Spanish-language AM that has a FM translator associated with it. Now, it is purchasing the stations.

On The Alabama/Tenn. Border, A Station Sale Is Done

A Class D AM with 2.5kw during daylight hours and 1kw at night from a tower just above State Line Road, on the Tennessee side of the border with Alabama, has just been sold. The buyer is a Florence, Ala., broadcasting company led by Michael Brandt.

A Change Of Owners For An Ohio Religious Non-Comm

A once-"refreshing" non-secular Class A FM serving Lancaster, Ohio is about to get a new owner. It's a Buckeye State entity that will be gaining its fourth FM station, once this deal closes.

Hollenbaugh Snags An FM From Mitten

For some, Bryan Hollenbaugh is remembered for his seven years as a media and community relations pro for the U.S. Air Force. For others, he's remembered as a top Regional Market Manager at the former Adelante Media Group, or perhaps as Market Manager for DMS Broadcasting's Grand Cayman stations or as GM of "Fly 92.3." Today, he owns radio stations -- and just converted an LMA into a buy.

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