Hollenbaugh Snags An FM From Mitten

For some, Bryan Hollenbaugh is remembered for his seven years as a media and community relations pro for the U.S. Air Force. For others, he's remembered as a top Regional Market Manager at the former Adelante Media Group, or perhaps as Market Manager for DMS Broadcasting's Grand Cayman stations or as GM of "Fly 92.3." Today, he owns radio stations -- and just converted an LMA into a buy.

A Bit Of Christian Joy Comes To Ozark Hometown Trio

A "hometown station" serving a portion of the Ozarks for more than 60 years has just been sold. It's part of a transaction involving three radio stations, and sees Dalton Wright's Ozark Media as the seller. The buyers are a husband-and-wife duo who could be bringing the word of Jesus to at least one of these properties.

Who’s down with OPP? Robert Boothe Is

Who knew that there was a town in Alabama due west of Fort Rucker and Enterprise, within the Dothan DMA, called Opp? Here, a Class A FM that happens to share its call sign with a television station in Miami is trading hands.

A Sunbelt Lasso Secures A Hattiesburg Heritage AM

On March 8, 2018, "a pioneering Hattiesburg radio icon" died at a local hospital at the age of 96. Now, an AM radio station and its FM translator in this Mississippi town are being sold from this individual's estate. The buyer is getting its third property as a result of this transaction.

Miller Move Slices Rocking M Salina Cluster

After a reported family spat that cost Christopher Miller the role of President of Rocking M Media earlier this year, an entity he controls has filed an asset purchase agreement with the FCC that would assume control of half of Rocking M's Salina, Kansas cluster.

A Silent AM Prepares To Return With ‘Punjab’ Programs

In a transaction brokered by Kalil & Co., Nazar Kooner's Radio Punjab is acquiring a silent 20kw daytime/200 watt nighttime AM that is licensed to use 3 towers to reach an area to the far southeast of Dallas. It's a property once owned by Bustos Media.

A Sunny Sale In Ohio To Tom Susman

A pair of stations serving a host of small towns along the Ohio River roughly an hour south of Parkersburg, W. Va., are being traded. Consider it a "sunset" for one broadcaster, and two new broadcast properties for an individual known for his partnership in Vandalia Media Partners, licensee of an AM radio station in the region.

Hog Radio Sheds Five From Its Pen

Hog Radio has a presence in Walmart's home region of Northwest Arkansas, where it owns four stations. Now, it is grabbing four FMs and an AM in Arkansas from a group led by longtime broadcaster Jay Bunyard.

‘Indiana’s Best Radio’ Gets Dealt

In Logansport, Ind., are an AM with an FM translator and two FM siblings operated under the brand "Indiana's Best Radio." Now, the licensee is selling the stations, while the property owner is handing over all of the equipment and real estate associated with the broadcast trio. The buyer is an "Iron Horse."

Abdoo Estate Brings Sunshine To Kentucky Property

The death of Thomas C. Abdoo put the future of a daytime-only AM radio station, with an FM translator, in flux. But, there was no question what group was likely going to get the properties. Those who have been tied to the station's operation and on-air programming are getting the AM and translator, serving a small Kentucky town.

Cromwell Adds A Michigan Combo

In 1969, Bayard H. Walters applied to the FCC for permission to construct a new AM radio station in Hawesville, Ky. That station debuted in November 1972, and served as the foundation for Cromwell Group. Now, Cromwell can add The Mitten State to its list of locales where it owns and operates stations.

Seven Mountains Completes Stroudsburg Deal

Seven Mountains Media is now officially the owner of an AM/FM combo in that "little bitty piece of Pennsylvania" that can call itself a part of the vast New York DMA. The deal marks the exit from this Pocono Mountains community by Connoisseur Media, led by Jeff Warshaw.

Natchez Duo Flows To Misslou

Across the Mississippi River from the city of Natchez are the Louisiana towns of Vidalia and Ferriday. It is here that a pair of FM radio stations are being traded from The Radio Group to an entity led by Brenda Floyd and James Allgood.

A Deal In Oregon One Will Worship

Listeners to Central Oregon's Alternative station learned late Wednesday that their over-the-air home has been sold. While KURT is considering becoming an internet-only offering, its new owner is getting its first station. The word of the Lord will now be heard on this Class C2 FM.

Vic Michael Takes A Penn. AM From Roger Haddon’s Group

Vic Michael Jr. has been a prolific buyer of FM translators and through one licensee is the 100% owner of an AM serving Salt Lake City. Now, he's grabbing an AM and its FM translator from a central Pennsylvania operation that will retain three FMs and another AM.

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