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Broadcast Tower

An Ozarks Faith-Based FM Trades Hands

It boasts a Construction Permit for a 4kw signal from a tower in the heart of the Ozarks' resort region of Missouri. Now, it is being spun from one not-for-profit operation to another.
Broadcast Tower

A Heritage N.C. AM’s Christian Conversion

Some 19 years ago, a Class C AM serving a coastal North Carolina community began simulcasting an FM Talk station with a signal best heard in Morehead City, New Bern and points east. This gave the Talker better coverage of Jacksonville, N.C. Now, "The Talk Station" is saying goodbye to its AM component.

A Spanish Radio Talker Is Put To A TV Station Owner in Miami

In Miami, a pair of television stations have carved a niche of late as a local news source -- en español -- with a Conservative lean. That programming tilt will soon be expanding to an AM radio station that's been offering a more balanced Spanish-language spoken word format for several years, thanks to a transaction that sees the executive of a "Put" agreement.

Brewer Sends Chattanooga Sports Station to New Family

For nearly 12 years, Chattanooga, Tenn., sports fans seeking updates and programming from ESPN Radio have been able to tune to a Class A FM licensed to the town of Lakesite, Tenn. Soon, a change in listening habits will be needed, as this facility is set to transition to non-secular religious programming under a new owner.
Lynchburg Radio Group logo

A Lynchburg Lasso Leads To New Owner, New Format

Today is the last day "as we know it" for a 1,600-watt Class A FM serving Lynchburg, Va. A format change is on the way, as a Lease Management Agreement is taking immediate effect following the signing of an asset sale agreement handing this station to a new owner.
Bill Reeves, CEO, Educational Media Foundation

Pohlad’s Twin Cities FMs ‘Go’ Away Forever

The sale was approved on March 26. Now, the transaction brokered by Kalil & Co. has closed. Get ready for the highly anticipated arrival of Air1 on a full-market signals serving the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
WCFX building signage

A Black Diamond Key Swipe To a Mitten State FM

It boasts 6,000 watts of power, and provides "Today's Best Music" to communities due west of Midland, Mich. Now, it is trading hands, and Norm McKee and Michael Chires are the two individuals tied to the buyer.

David Lampel Signs Off On LPTV CP Sale

The permitee and owner of five low-power television station construction permits has opted to sell them instead of moving forward with getting the properties up and running itself. The result? David Lampel is getting a check from an individual largely known for his role as the head of Edge Spectrum.
Erick Salgado

A Lone Star Shift To Sports

To the southwest of Corpus Christi, Tex., is Falfurrias, home to a Class B AM that has been owned and operated by a New Jersey-based Hispanic broadcast ministry since fall 2019. Now, Erick Salgado is saying goodbye to this station.

Mix Maine Media Now Owner, and Operator, Of Radio Trio

It has operated an AM and two FMs in the Augusta-Waterville, Maine, market since 2007. Now, it is converting this long-standing LMA into outright ownership.
WVRC radio office and tower

Star Sale Sends W. Va. Properties To New Owner

As Q1 2021 came to a close, so did Star Communications Inc.'s intent to own an AM/FM combo and an FM translator serving a small West Virginia city situated between Charleston and Parkersburg. The facilities have been sold, and await FCC approval before being handed to a new owner.

Day Time For A Conch Republic FM

It boasts the moniker "Key Weird Radio." And, it presently has a Construction Permit for a Class A signal putting 680 watts of power over the southernmost city in the continental U.S. Now, "the most diverse radio station" in Key West is heading to a new owner.
Broadcast Tower

Hoosier Group Spun To Hopeful New Owner

The Terre Haute, Ind., market, which largely includes nearby Paris, Ill., is the home of a non-commercial group of religious stations presently operated by Word Power Inc. On March 16, this group signed off on an agreement that would assign its two AMs, two FMs, two FM translators and one FM translator construction permit to a new licensee.

‘Radio Moody’ Finds A Buyer. The Station Mission Will Remain

 In July 2019, RBR+TVBR first shared the news that the cornerstone of 95-year-old broadcast ministry Moody Bible Institute was for sale. Now, this daytime-only AM that shares a signal with a 50kw Class A News/Talker in Cleveland has been sold. The buyer will retain, albeit adjust, the Spanish-language evangelical programming presently on the air.

A Deep South LPTV Permit Trades Hands

Travel west of Columbus, Miss., and you'll reach the city of Starkville. Here, a low-power TV station's construction permit is being spun. The buyer? The Columbus-based owner of the market's CBS affiliate.
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