Pair Of DC-Area AMs Sold

Potomac Radio LLC and New World Radio have teamed to sell their respective AM radio stations in the National Capital Region, in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co.

North-of-Houston Translator Trades Hands

Is there autumn ennui among deal makers ahead of the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando, which begins Sept. 25? There's not much going on in the media universe right now, aside from a sale here and a cluster deal there. In today's TRANSACTIONS TODAY, we find an FM translator in Texas changing hands.

An Idaho Bridge Is Spun

Did you know that, until now, the Idaho Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists owned a 'Bridge' in the state famous for its potato farms? This audio connector has just been sold, and it's the subject of TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Sept. 17, 2018.
Broadcast Tower

West Virginia LPTV Taken By TTV

A low-power TV station serving the seat of Harrison County, W. Va., has just been sold to a West Virginia-based operator. It's the lone deal up for discussion in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Sept. 14, 2018.

Broken Bell: Carolina AM Station Deal Craters

The acquisition of a Class C AM radio station in Roanoke Rapids, Va., from Jimmy Johnson’s Johnson Broadcast Ventures, has been scrapped. What happened? The intended buyer is in default on a promissory note, and in lieu of a foreclosure auction, the transaction has been cancelled.

A Prairie Home For UND Stations

The University of North Dakota has opted to sell its big Class C2 NPR affiliate in Grand Forks, N.D.; a Class A also licensed to the city, and an FM translator covering a town in Minnesota. Who's the buyer? An entity already quite familiar with the three FM facilities.

Next Radio Buys A Lone Star FM

No, Paul Brenner and Jeff Smulyan aren't adding a new dimension to the TagStation LLC-owned NextRadio smartphone app. It turns out that there's a Next Radio LLC out there, and this Florida-based entity has just acquired a Class A FM in Texas. It's the top item of business in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for September 12, 2018.

Ted Tucker’s Big Hit: ‘Good Music’ For Cochise

Ted Tucker is a principal in six different licensees of radio stations across the Mountain West. Among these entities is Cochise Media Licenses, which in May 2017 entered into Consent Decrees with the FCC to resolve a matter involving the failure to operate stations in Arizona for more than a handful of days over a period of several years. Now, another entity led by Tucker is a buyer.

Indiana FM Sells For $725K

Anderson University, Inc. and Educational Media Foundation have agreed on the sale of radio station WQME(FM) in Anderson, Indiana, for $725,000. The agreement date was August 27, 2018.

Bay Bye-Bye Gives Fitch-Led Group An FM

To the southeast of Washington, D.C. is Maryland's Eastern Shore, and the Salisbury-Ocean City, Md., market. It is here that a Class A FM is trading hands. The party buying it? It's led by a communications law attorney who is also a minority partner in one Maryland entity and a majority partner in a holding company comprised of three stations spread across the U.S.

Familiar Name, New Broadcast Media Owner

A Class C3 Country station serving listeners to the south of greater Roanoke, Va., is trading hands. The buyer has no other radio, TV or newspaper holdings, but the name of the entity certainly rings a bell. Rest assured that this entity has little to do with TBS or CNN.
Broadcast Tower

University Spins Recently Purchased Iowa Combo

In early April, a Minnesota-based nonprofit corporation tied to a private evangelical Christian college agreed to acquire an AM-FM combo in a small Iowa town northeast of Council Bluffs. Now, the school has decided to sell the stations, and it's our top topic of discussion in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Sept. 5, 2018. Also today: A Northern Illinois FM sale is complete.

A Matter Of Trusts

In the lone deal up for discussion in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY, an FM translator with a full city-grade signal serving an area of the Florida Panhandle is being traded from one trust to another trust.

Lost Coast Closes On Its Purchase of KLAX

No, we're not talking about Spanish Broadcasting System's heritage regional Mexican station serving Southern California. Rather, we're referring to a pair of TV stations that are being acquired by an entity connected to the President of El Dorado Broadcasters in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co.

LPFM Deals Conclude August’s Trades

August has ended with a whimper for RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY, with just two deals involving Low Power TV stations to discuss. One is in Arizona. The other is in one of America's most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

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