A Steel City Full Service AM Buys A Third FM Translator

A Class D AM radio station with a rich history in the 'Burgh is working to extend its lifespan by securing no less than three FM translators used to relay its mix of Oldies, Talk programming, Polka shows and religious-themed programming. Now, it is acquiring one of the three translators it uses outright.

A Fiery Deal For A Georgia AM Implodes

A 1kw Class C in the Peachtree State presently serving African American listeners was "acquired" by its current licensee in June 2016. That would be Norma Jean Lewis, who had previously consummated a deal in 2013 for an AM and an FM in Alabama that never closed. Now, Lewis is losing this Georgia AM, as it's going back to a seller who has had hard luck finding a solid buyer.
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Chattahoochee Owner Change Into the Wood

A radio station in an area devastated by Hurricane Michael is trading hands -- along with the FM translator associated with this AM facility. It is the lone deal up for discussion in the Weekend Edition of TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Nov. 9, 2018.

Nexstar’s Quiet Hawaiian Duopoly Play

One year ago, an independent TV station seen across the Aloha State made headlines for its "David vs. Goliath" fight versus AT&T's DirecTV. This station has had a shared services agreement with Raycom Media, a dominant entity that owns the CBS and NBC affiliates serving Hawaii. That's about to end: K5 and the FOX affiliate are soon to be siblings.

A Heritage Houston AM Sells For Millions

There's a Class D AM station with call letters widely known to a generation of Houston radio listeners that's licensed to Bellville, Tex., to the northwest of town. In January, this station made headlines for failing to sign off at sunset, as required by its license. Now, the station is trading hands, and the deal is valued in the millions of dollars.

An Untimely Death Results In Broadcaster’s Owner Shift

The privately held owner of an AM/FM combo in a town south of Wichita has just filed a Form 315 with the FCC requesting the approval of an internal stock purchase. This will put the company fully in control of an individual who is making the acquisitions from the heirs of the individual whose untimely passing necessitated the lone deal up for discussion in TRANSACTIONS TODAY.
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Carolina Translator Trade Marks Another Quiet Day For Deals

Another month, another dearth of deals? The first full week of November started with a whimper with respect to fresh filings of transactions at the FCC. The lone item up for discussion in today's TRANSACTIONS TODAY: A translator trade in North Carolina.
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Ferris Wheels In A Sunshine State AM

"Classic Country, bluegrass, western swing and more." That's the promise a 1kw daytime-only AM radio station in Central Florida has delivered until its signal went dark. Now, this facility just south of one of the nation's largest retirement communities is being sold.  Also in TRANSACTIONS TODAY: A positive owner remix for a Texas duo.

‘The Spirit Of The South Plains’ Just Got Sold

In locales such as Texas and Oklahoma, it's perhaps not so odd to have an oil company own a radio station. In the city of Lubbock, the broadcasting arm of G.O. Williams Oil Co. has been the owner of an FM with a Construction Permit for 100kw. Now, this company is parting ways with the station. The buyer is an entity that recently entered New Mexico's biggest market.

A Good Deal For Goodrich In Salmon Country

Robert and Emily Goodrich are 50-50 partners in an Oklahoma-based broadcast entity. In a deal just filed with the FCC, the husband and wife team are adding an AM/FM combo in an appropriately named community along the banks of Idaho's Salmon River.

Here’s ‘Living Proof’ Of A California High Desert Deal

Two noncomm FMs and a pair of FM translators serving an area of California along U.S. 395 and the Golden State's eastern spine are trading hands. While the programming could change, the stations are expected to remain Religious.

iHeart Puts Its Trust In Drake

After "40 years and 40,000 sales calls," life as a radio broadcasting industry consultant for a former station owner has taken a new turn. As of today, he is now the sole member of a newly created entity poised to assume control of two divestiture trusts most recently overseen by the late Jeanette Tully. Paperwork has been filed with the FCC that not only pass these two licensees to Barry Drake, but also a newly formed third divestment trust that is comprised of two radio stations. 
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Edgewater’s End Continues Translator Purge

Friday saw the continued divestment of FM translators held by an Idaho-based broadcasting ministry led by President Dennis Clounch. This time around, Edgewater Broadcasting is saying goodbye to facilities in Eastern Washington and in a small town due east of Twin Falls, Idaho, among several other markets. The recipient: An entity already getting some Edgewater FMs, for free.

EMF Adds Another FM To Its Family

A dark noncommercial FM serving a small Southern city has just been acquired by the No. 2 licensee of radio stations in the U.S. It's one of the lone deals involving a fully licensed radio station to be filed with the Commission this week, capping off one of the slowest periods for transactions so far this year.
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Lone Star LPTVs Trade Hands

In a deal between two individuals, a group of five low-power TV stations in Texas are trading hands. The stations are in Lubbock, Victoria and San Angelo, respectively.

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