Seven Mountains Gains Ex-Colonial AMs In Central Pa.

On May 8, a Williamsport, Pa., operator moved forward with the involuntarily transfer of its licenses to a trustee. It concluded a four-year battle with a bank to resolve the company's debts, but came with some drama involving the refusal by this broadcaster's leader to sign off on a sale of its final AM properties. Now, the trustee is selling the stations. The buyer? The Keystone State radio specialist led by Kristin Cantrell.

Here’s What Gray’s Paying For Alaska Grab

RBR+TVBR was first to report Thursday on Gray Television's decision to acquire a low-power TV station in Juneau, and translator KSCT-LP 5 in Sitka, Alaska. Details, including the sale price, are now available, as a Form 345 filing with the FCC was made following the seller's release confirming a sale had been consummated.

A Silent Upstate S.C. Class A Is Spun

It's currently silent, but there's a 6kw FM serving a rural area due east of Anderson, S.C., in a town named ... um ... Due West, S.C.  The station's city of license is slightly south of its tower, but one need not need direction to learn where this station is going. A new owner is on the horizon.

Fresno Twosome Loses Compass

Is the end near for a conservative Talker serving Fresno on two frequencies, including an expanded-band AM? That could be the case, as the stations have just been sold to a Hispanic evangelical group that will likely bring the teachings of Jesucristo to Spanish-speaking listeners across this San Joaquin Valley city.

Infinity Broadcasting Buys An AM

Say what?! No, we're not talking about the company that made Howard Stern an internationally known "shock jock" run by Mel Karmazin. Rather, this Infinity is headquartered in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and it is acquiring "Radio One." The buyer knows the station all too well: She's the host of the 7am hour each weekday.

A Positive Move For a Florida Panhandle Noncomm

From the tip of Panama City Beach to the east to the shores of Pensacola to the west, a Class C3 noncomm is "the positive choice" for reverent radio listeners. Now, it is getting a new licensee, thanks to a Board of Directors' vote on February 26 by the assignor of this Florida Panhandle FM.

Seth Kent’s Back Forty TD: A Deep South AM

Brantley Broadcast Associates has, until now, been the licensee of a pair of AMs in Alabama and an AM with an FM translator in the state of Mississippi. With one of the Alabama AMs already sold, Brantley is now parting ways with the Mississippi properties.

Two More College Noncomms Are Sold

The town of Tiffin, Ohio, is largely known as a college town nestled along the Sandusky River. Who knew that it would become a hub for radio station transactions in the first half of 2020? Also today: A donation to All Classical Portland moves forward.

Family Life Gets A FM, Which Gets A Big Upgrade

Until recently, the town of Tidioute, Pa., was home to a 100-watt Class A noncommercial FM offering religious-themed programming to those in this Allegheny River burgh to the southeast of Erie. Last fall, a big upgrade came for this station, using a tower to the south in Tionesta Township. Now, a sale of this facility is in the works.

Court Order OKs Fla. Keys FM Sale

In 1997, a Class C3 FM in the heart of the Florida Keys signed on the air. Just shy of 20 years later, it adopted a Classic Hits presentation as "Mix 96.9." Unfortunately, the licensee ran into financial difficulties, and the station -- along with three  co-owned facilities -- wound up in the hands of a trustee. Now, this FM is being acquired by a "Magnum" broadcaster.

On SWFL’s Marco Island, A Hyperlocal Voice Is Sold

A noncommercial FM station has been offering a hyper-local live operation for listeners in the popular wintertime haven on Marco Island, Fla. But, what does the future hold? It's actually quite clear, even as the station has just been sold.

A Big Q1 Radio Deal Has Closed

The first quarter’s third-largest radio deal according to Kagan involved a 50kw Class B FM serving the 68th-largest market in the U.S. The sale of the station was consummated in late February, and it has now closed, giving possession of the station to Bible Broadcasting Network.

An Alaskan Peninsula Pluck Is Consummated

Travel south of Anchorage, and you'll reach the town of Kenai, Alaska. For its size, it's a region that has emerged as an outsized outpost for FCC attention. In this matter, however, the Commission is simply being asked to approve the transfer of control of an AM with an FM translator in this small municipality.

Troland, Mallace Close On Big Four Corners Deal

Where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona state line all touch is the region where an FM with a Construction Permit for a 12kw Class C2 operation at 7,320 feet above sea level traded hands in January. Now, the deal has closed, handing it to Tom Troland and Michael Mallace.
Broadcast Tower

A Hmong Move For A Twin Cities Translator

A silent FM translator serving the city of St. Paul, Minn., has been dormant of late. Now, the licensee that owns it, known for progressive Talk programming on a noncommercial FM serving the Twin Cities, has sold it. The buyer will be serving one of the many multicultural communities found in the Minneapolis market.

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