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Curtis takes Eastern NC deal to the finish line

An AM-FM combo licensed to Kinston NC is now in the hands of Eastern Airwaves Inc., headed by Donald W. Curtis. According to brokerage...

Cross Purposes behind Big Easy Deal

A company with has both a radio and a television presence in Louisiana’s major media center

Delmarva Dual Deals Signed And Sealed

A "Twin" operator in an area of America known for its wild horses has officially moved ahead with its previously announced plan to acquire, in two deals, a pair of Class A FMs.

A ‘Faithful’ Exchange, Right By Bismarck

It's not often that Educational Media Foundation, parent of the Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) formats KLOVE and Air1, opts to sell a radio station. Yet, that's what it's doing with a Class C3 facility just south of Bismarck, North Dakota.

A Beasley Deal That Doesn’t Involve BBGI?

To the majority of individuals in the broadcast media world, the name Caroline Beasley and that of her family members found in various executive positions across Beasley Media Group are household names. Yet, there's another Beasley in radio ownership, and it is this Beasley who has decided to sell an AM/FM combo in the Peach State.

Two Translator Sales On Quiet Transactions Day

The bigger of the sales was for an FM translator currently licensed to Big Pine, Etc., California. The seller is Dale A. Ganske and the buyer is Farmworker Radio Network, Inc. Sale price was $125,000.

Bill Binnie Buys A Granite State FM

A Class A facility reaching the cities of Concord and Manchester, N.H., is trading hands. The buyer is a company that scored a $68 million payday by relinquishing the spectrum of a TV station in the Boston DMA. This is the lone deal in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017.

A Michigan LPTV ‘Wheels’ Off To New Owner

From fall 1980 through the mid-1990s, WLLZ meant "Detroit's Wheels," and were the call letters of a famous Album-Oriented Rock (AOR) station in the Motor City. Today, the WLLZ calls are associated with a low-powered TV station in another Michigan market, and this LPTV facility has just been sold. It's the deal of the day for RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017.

KLOVE Wins In San Francisco … And It’s No CBS/Entercom Spin

Educational Media Foundation gained a significant presence in the Golden State in late September when it agreed to a deal valued at $57,750,000 that gave it entry into L.A. and North County San Diego. The City by the Bay was not noted, as EMF already owns a Class B covering the Bay Area that airs KLOVE. Yet, EMF just secured a translator covering San Francisco for KLOVE. Is another deal in play?

WNBZ-FM’s New Owners Are Revealed

In the latest update regarding the future of the AM and FM stations in Upstate New York owned by Ted Morgan, a Form 314 filing made today with the FCC lifts the curtain on just who will be the new owners and operators of the only station owned by Morgan that remains on the air. We've got the details.
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A Silent Hoosier Translator Finds New Life

An FM translator in a small town near Valparaiso, Ind., has just been sold by a broadcaster formerly known as Friends of Christian Radio. The buyer is acquiring the facility to bring some "AM revitalization" to a Michigan City facility.
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A ‘New Beginning’ For An Indiana Noncomm Group

In a Form 314 filing with the FCC that includes no written agreement, six FM translators, a silent AM, a silent FM, and an operational Class B noncomm just east of Indianapolis are heading to a new nonprofit group. This change involves an organization that has agreed to sell two other translators, with one of them going to Urban One.

Star City Now Officially Owns This ABC Affiliate

A newly formed company serving a market that's home to Purdue University is now the owner of one of the nation's newest ABC affiliates. It's a formality, really: This company signed on the station in July 2017, and it has been owned by an affiliated operation. Now, Bill Christian and Mike Reed are simply making a bookkeeping change with the FCC.

EMF’s Natural Bridge To A NoCal Exit

Following the July 2016 demise of a community radio station, a nonprofit group led by a local attorney created a crowdfunding website and sought donations for the expressed purpose of buying a new facility -- and bringing community radio back to one of Northern California's hipper communities. Did it work? Yes.

Cashe and Carry: AM, Translator Go In Famous Idaho Town

Thanks to the 2004 feature film "Napoleon Dynamite," legions of film buffs know all about Preston, Idaho. Today, an AM with an FM translator is trading hands, and it's our featured deal in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Monday, June 18. Gosh!
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