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R&S says Aloha to Clear Channel FL spin-off

Jeanette Tully, trustee for Clear Channel overstock group Aloha Station Trust, has found a buyer for WPHR-FM Gifford FL in the Fort Pierce-Stuart-Vero Beach FL market. It will be joining an existing cluster serving the Florida east Coast market.

Long-awaited NJ LPFM Still Raises Questions

A three-year battle for an LPFM ends with the pending arrival of a facility sharing the same frequency as three other nearby stations.
Broadcast Tower

A ‘Marquee’ Deal For A Kentucky TV Station

A contract has been signed and an application is being filed with the FCC for the transfer of a television station in Bowling Green, Ky., to Marquee Broadcasting Kentucky. Kalil & Co., Inc. is the exclusive broker for this transaction.

Saga’s Recommitment To Radio: An Apex Moment

Saga Communications on Wednesday bid farewell to TV station ownership. But, in doing so, it doubled-down on its core business: radio. In a deal that sees it using roughly one-third of the proceeds from its TV industry exit, Saga has agreed to acquire the seven FM stations, one AM and four translators owned by Apex Media Corp., which exits the business.

An Imperial Deal In Maryland That’s A ‘Smash’ Hit

The home of the wildly eclectic “Smash Hits” presentation is set to change hands. Additionally, an AM near Alabama's Red Mountain is trading hands. Those are the deals in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Thursday, June 8, 2017.
Ed Christian

Saga Closes The Door On TV, Welcomes Apex Stations

A new era for Saga Communications has officially begun. As of today, it's a radio industry pure-play. And, that seems to be good news for investors, based on its Wednesday activity on Wall Street.

Redwood Spins A CBS Affiliate To A ‘Prime’ Buyer

On Wednesday, RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY detailed the sale of NBC affiliated KIEM-3 in Eureka-Arcata, Calif., to an entity tied to Northwest Broadcasting. To make the deal happen, it had to spin the other station it owned in this small Northern California market. That transaction has just been finalized, and a Form 314 has been submitted to the FCC.

Another Television CSA Gets Traded

In the final days of August, the parent company of a home shopping channel agreed to sell its full-power digital TV station serving Boston. At the same time, a channel-sharing agreement (CSA) was forged by the buyer to allow a company that collected millions in the recently concluded FCC incentive auction to use one-third of this digital station's spectrum. The asset purchase agreement and CSA recitals have finally found their way to the FCC via a Form 314 filing made today, with Media Venture Partners serving as the exclusive broker.

For Keystone State FM Rocker, ‘Jesus Is Just Alright’

Cue up Elton John's "Funeral for a Friend" and that old Doobie Brothers song, and grab a box of tissues. After 37 years and three broadcast facilities it has called home, a longtime Rock station serving Pennsylvania's state capital will soon be saying goodbye to its listeners. That's because it has just been acquired by a company looking to bring a little "KLOVE" to the region.

Georgia FM Within ‘Reach’ Of Radio Training Network

A Class C3 FM "changing the rules of Christian radio" in the city that is home to the University of Georgia is about to see a few more changes in the coming months. That's because Radio Training Network is buying the 20kw station, and it is likely to install one of its existing Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) non-commerical networks on the station, ending a locally programmed operation.
For Sale

Multiple Buyer Interest Expected For Scripps Stations

With 34 radio stations across eight mid-sized markets, the FMs and handful of AMs now up for sale by The E.W. Scripps Co. will likely attract a wide array of potential suitors. Will one company swoop in to buy all of the stations? One top media broker tells RBR+TVBR that's not likely.
ESPN Radio

Buffalo AM and Its Translator Head To Lincoln

In years past, RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY would have gotten a lot of attention from that headline, which many could have interpreted as the former Lincoln Financial Media entering Western New York's biggest market. Today, it refers to the transfer of control of an ESPN Radio affiliate in a different Buffalo than the one known for Elmwood Village, the Sabres, and a certain poultry snack few locals eat. The seller is a big regional player — based near Buffalo, Ky.

Yob Sews Up Mittens In Michigan

It must be cold in the Traverse City, Mich., area. Or, it's a colloquially endearing term for how Michigan looks when stenciled on a piece of paper. "The Mitten" is the moniker given to a Class A facility licensed to Thompsonville, Mich., that is being sold from a buyer and seller with similar names. In the end, this station will be 100% controlled by John Yob.
Broadcast Tower

Canton Combo Ordered Up In Regional Deal

Canton may be best-known as the highly Anglicized name of Guangzhou, China -- and just a few Chinese restaurants across the U.S. It's also the name of a town in the Land of Lincoln, and that's where one company plans on grabbing an AM/FM combo and an FM translator in a deal that is yet to be filed with the FCC.

Former Triad Head Officially Back In Business

In early April, TRANSACTIONS TODAY first reported on the sale of four full-powered FM stations and an FM translator an hour's drive from the south side of Chicago. The buyer is a newly formed entity, led by an individual whose name is likely familiar to radio industry veterans. This deal has now closed, giving a former Triad leader ownership of radio stations once again.

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