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Radio’s Financial Summit: The Perfect Virtual Info Gathering

Be part of the 18th annual Forecast conference, presented virtually this year as Forecast LIVE. The event will play out over two sessions: Tuesday, December 8, and Wednesday, December 9. Still on the fence? Streamline Publishing Chairman Eric Rhoads shares some of the key reasons why this is THE year you'll not want to miss out on this conference.

Don McCoy’s Magic Money Order, Courtesy of The FCC

Don McCoy has been a colorful owner of broadcast radio stations and in the early 2000s entered Los Angeles with the purchase of KDAY-FM 93.5, now a part of Meruelo Media.  Today, his focus is Panama City Beach, Fla., where his properties include heritage Top 40 station and an FM talker. They've just run afoul of FCC rules, and a consent decree has been signed.

Update: Pohlad’s Twin Cities FMs ‘Go’ For A Bargain

Two FMs serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul market with Alternative and Hip-Hop, respectively, are being sold by Northern Lights Broadcasting parent The Pohlad Companies to Educational Media Foundation. On Friday, the value of the transaction became known.

Potential Conflict Leads To Urban One Board Member’s Exit

He's been a member of the Board of Directors of the country's preeminent media company superserving Black consumers since 2001. Yet, on November 30, D. Geoffrey Armstrong stepped down from the board, effective immediately. Why?

DFW AM Duo Acquired By iHeart For BIN Home

Add Dallas-Fort Worth to the markets where iHeartMedia is investing in AM radio stations, albeit with FM translators, to solidify owned-and-operated homes for its recently launched Black Information Network (BIN). The company has filed paperwork that sees the nation's largest licensee purchasing properties with a rich Black heritage in North Texas.

Sam Rogatinsky To Resurrect A Dead Beasley AM

With the late 2019 sale of a parcel of land housing the broadcast towers of two AM radio stations owned by Beasley Media Group, the company took the facilities silent. It was assumed that they'd be left for dead, but that turns out to be incorrect. One of the silent facilities and its FM translator have just been spun.

Pohlad: ‘We Have Decided to Exit The Radio Business’

A pair of FMs serving the Minneapolis-St. Paul market with Alternative and Hip-Hop, respectively, are being sold. The buyer? Chalk up another purchase for Educational Media Foundation, the No. 2 licensee of stations behind only iHeartMedia.

FCC Wants Comments On GeoTargeting FM Booster NPRM

It was adopted by the FCC on November 20. However, it was released today, and representatives of Black-owned broadcasters are cheering. So is GeoBroadcast Solutions. That's because the Commission is now seeking comments to proceed with a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to enable FM booster geo-targeting capabilities.
SBS / Spanish Broadcasting System

Two Months After Q3’s End, SBS Releases Its Fiscal Report

Better late than never. Nearly three weeks after most broadcast media companies released their respective third quarter 2020 earnings reports, Miami-based Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) posted a brief numbers-filled P&L statement on its corporate website late Monday. How did SBS do? Sequential growth is the story, just as it is for other radio station owners. 

What Investors Like, and Don’t Like, About Radio In COVID-19 Times

Will 2021 provide some light to the end of the pandemic? Will the Biden Administration change the landscape for the media business, especially radio? What might be on the horizon for radio as an investment? If the Forecast 2020 annual investment panel gave you pause for thoughtful consideration, this year's will have you pondering the future in overdrive.

A Two-Buyer Mile High Deal Is Complete

With 1kw from 1 tower in Southwest Denver, an AM branded as Mile High Sports has served as the home for Colorado State Rams athletics and for the recently launched Bet R Network. Now, Mile High Sports' over-the-air coverage is in question, as the AM and the FM translator it has used for the past five years have been sold to separate buyers.

Bill Hendrich To Retire, But Still Advise, Cox Media Group

On May 6, the transition of Cox Media Group to new ownership, with Apollo Global Management taking a big stake in what is today a reconstituted company, saw the departure of Kim Guthrie as President/CEO. Other high-profile members of the CMG family also exited over the following weeks. Now, after three decades with Cox, its EVP of Radio is retiring.

SCOTUS Selects Date For Remand Case Oral Arguments

Ajit Pai's legacy at the Commission could stand on a Supreme Court decision on the FCC's "modernization" effort that would deregulate local media rules for broadcast radio and TV station owners. Whether the rule change stands, or SCOTUS sides with the Third Circuit in a rule remand, begins just 24 hours before Pai's final day as FCC Chairman.

Radio’s 101st Year: What Could It Bring?

In this exclusive commentary, programmer/consultant-turned-licensee Clark Smidt notes that, as Radio celebrates its centennial, it came of age in a similarly problematic pandemic. While much has changed, there's one commonality that very much matters more than a century later.

Forecast LIVE 2021: The Post-Pandemic Plan For Radio’s Leaders

Radio's Financial Summit, Forecast, has always been about predicting the future with data points and trends. This year, Forecast LIVE will present a series featuring candid responses by radio industry leaders to this question: "How has COVID-19 changed your approach to inventing the future and what resulting new opportunities do you plan to continue post pandemic?"

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