Why Buy Entercom Stock? It’s ‘Mispriced’

Entercom has a new reason to be optimistic about a resurgence in its languishing stock price. B. Riley FBR analyst Zack Silver initiated coverage of the company with a "Buy" rating. Silver offers an investment thesis every broadcast media C-Suite executive should read.

A Fresh Fight Against NAB-Fueled Ownership Changes Arises

Among the items the FCC is considering is a plan largely crafted by the NAB and endorsed by Commissioner Mike O'Rielly that would greatly ease ownership restrictions for AM and FM station ownership. iHeartRadio is against such changes, and it now has an unlikely ally.

Why Does Univision Want FCC Approval For A Mexican Move?

In June 2018, rumors were rampant that Univision Communications' would be selling some or all of its radio stations. The chat proved to be unfounded, and now Univision is doubling down on its ownership of AMs and FMs serving Hispanics across the U.S. How so?
Broadcast Tower

Johnson Controls Class D AM’s Sale, Along With Translator

In September 2018, Johnson Broadcast Ventures made headlines thanks to a cratered sale of an AM radio station due to a promissory note default on the part of the intended buyer. Now, Johnson has a deal to sell his other broadcast properties, located in North Carolina.

Entercom A ‘Buy’ As KYW Bargaining Begins

Is a late March swoon for Entercom shares the last time bargain-seekers will find the radio broadcasting company's stock near $5.25? That very well might be the case, thanks to the initiation of coverage by a California-based capital market company. Or not.

Saga’s ‘Secret Sauce,’ And Fighting Words For A Strong ’19

A quote from Abraham Lincoln concludes an opening statement from Saga Chairman/CEO Ed Christian in an 87-page annual shareholder letter that serves as a financial report and, in some ways, a promotional vehicle for Saga to those that hold its publicly traded stock.

Rio Grande Valley Won’t Lose Last Spoken-Word Radio Choice

In October 1947, KURV-AM began operations and is today a Class B News/Talker with a signal covering McAllen, Brownsville, Harlingen and Weslaco, Tex. Now, this station is poised to become a part of a giant of Mexican media. A format change is not in the plans.

From Sea Studies To Spanish-language Sales Success

Sabina Widmann holds a Master's degree in marine affairs and fishery management. But, for the past 15 years, she's been a successful radio industry sales and management professional. This includes running the 2019 Medallas de Cortez award-winning Station of the Year.

Beasley’s Year-To-Date Wall Street Wane

With the addition of radio stations in Boston and Detroit, many believed Beasley would begin 2019 with renewed vigor for its stock. Instead, Beasley's Q1 share performance has been rather dismal. On Tuesday morning, the decline in stock price continued.

Here Are The Honorees For The 44th Gracie Awards

The Gracies recognize exemplary programming created by, for and about women in radio, television, cable and interactive media. Honorees are selected in national, local and student markets, including both commercial and non-commercial outlets.

How To Avoid Pre-1972 Sound Recording Statutory Damages

With the filing of an online form, streamers and podcasters both have a bit of breathing room: an artist who alleges that the digital audio provider has infringed the artist’s pre-1972 copyright must first provide notice of the allegation to the individual listed in the form.

Are Spotify Investors Scared Of An Amazon Sting?

Spotify should be celebrating a successful public offering, as its shares have steadily climbed year-to-date to return to November 2018 levels, despite being far from its 1-year target price. Instead, it is seeing share erosion on Wall Street thanks to talk of a possible rival.

Should Buyers ‘Investigate’ Salem?

That's a question asked by "Simply Wall St.," a popular financial blog. With "significant price movement" seen in recent months, could this present an opportunity for investors? Or, is a price of $2.42 -- higher than where is today -- "reflective of the actual value" of Salem stock?
Townsquare Media Group

What’s The Path For Townsquare Stock?

In mid-October 2018, Townsquare Media shares appeared en route to surpass the $8 mark. Then, a slide transpired, sending shares down by nearly 50% on New Year's Eve. Today, TSQ appears to have stabilized -- but at a level well below what Wall Street wants.

First ‘Max’, Now ‘Mighty’: A Mexican Operator’s BCA Bounce

The worst situation any owner of a broadcast media property could face is the loss of their over-the-air home. For San Diego-based Broadcast Company of the Americas, it's now happened twice in five months. Is it "a momentary little blip," as one air talent said Thursday?

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