Hubbard Radio’s Seattle Head Ready For Retirement

Like a 45 RPM record, there's only so many revolutions before the grooves end. After 45 years in the broadcast media industry, the VP/GM of such stations as "Movin 92.5," "Warm 106.9," and "98.9 The Bull" is concluding his career in radio.

Radio: The ‘Surprise’ Choice Of SMBs

Here's a new bit of data, courtesy of Borrell Associates, that will certainly jump start your week: Traditional media is more popular with small and medium-sized business owners than some of the most commonly used forms of digital media. This includes AM and FM radio, advertisers say.

Cox Media Group’s ‘Legendary’ Marconi Chance

The finalists for the 2018 NAB Marconi Radio Awards, honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting, have been revealed. While the winners will be announced September 27 at the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando, Cox Media Group is already in the driver's seat.

All Prometheus Petitions Dismissed … But One

Three groups have made it known that they aren't too keen with the rapid expansion of FM translators — often coming at the expense, as they see it, of community-oriented LPFMs. As such, they've been waging a fight against the latest round of translator applications. On Friday, the FCC addressed the objectors' Petition for Reconsideration for all pending translator applications — 994 of them in total. All but one were tossed.

Court Orders Stolz To Pay Past-Due ASCAP Royalties

Ed Stolz is widely known in the radio industry as the man who continues to seek to negate the sale of a radio station in Sacramento to Entercom consummated more than 20 years ago. Now, he's under a federal court order to pay ASCAP license fees over several years for three of his radio stations.

An Investment That Requires ‘A Leap Of Faith’

Entercom sure is getting a lot of attention from Wall Street and financial houses across North America, thanks to its merger with CBS Radio. But, is that all good? Gregory Vousvounis, a full time investor mainly focused on U.S. equities, writes for Seeking Alpha that Entercom "will be a multi-bagger" over the next three to five years. That depends on a few things, including prayers.

Emmis In Q1 ’19: Better Than The Rest, But …

Emmis Communications just completed the first three months of its 2019 fiscal year as a smaller company than one year ago. As such, it's difficult to compare the company's total net revenue to last year; it was down 35.7%. How, then, did Emmis fare in Q1 2019? While the results were promising, they weren't terrific—especially in the automotive category.

In Swift Action, House Commerce OK’s ‘PIRATE Act’

If only all legislation was so easy to approve on Capitol Hill. In under 10 minutes' time, the House Energy & Commerce Committee unanimously passed H.R. 5709, legislation that will greatly strengthen the FCC Enforcement Bureau's ability to find unlicensed radio broadcasters and silence them for good.

Wisconsin Broadcast Veteran Jack Hackman Dies

Hackman served as the SVP/COO of the Goetz Broadcasting Corporation until his retirement in 1999. He died Tuesday (7/10) at the age of 85 in Marshfield, Wisc. Hackman is a Wisconsin Broadcasting Association Hall of Fame inductee.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: ‘AM Revitalization’ en Español

Has FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's championing of "AM revitalization" through the introduction of FM translators as a rebroadcast outlet truly revitalized the radio industry? Absolutamente ... says Hispanic radio veteran George Mier. Thanks to translators serving Tampa and Orlando, his family's Q Broadcasting is soaring in Central Florida. We learn all about Q's new heights in this Hispanic Radio Podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR's Adam Jacobson.
RadioShow NAB/RAB

Radio Show Seeks To ‘Demystify’ Big Data

This year's Radio Show is tackling big data and how your station can make the most of it. That's the teaser the RAB and NAB are offering to broadcast companies that wish to learn how to leverage their data to drive ratings, boost revenue and gain insights into each of their stations' audiences.

Entercom’s Big Move On Wall Street

For the first time since May 8, Entercom shares closed above the $8 mark. In after-hours trading, the company's shares continued to rise. But, ETM still has quite a ways to go to get to where many on Wall Street thought it would be at this time. It's also dealing with more transition, as KYW's ND/PD is to exit after 40 years at the Philadelphia all-News AM.

Entercom Resets Sacramento, Pittsburgh Leaders

There are new SVP/Market Managers in place at Entercom's radio stations serving Pittsburgh and the state capital of California. In the Steel City, the role is being taken by the Director of Sales, who has been in the role for a decade. A similar promotion is being seen in Sacramento.
Univision Communications, Inc.

Univision Confirms Gizmodo’s For Sale

Four days ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that Univision is exploring the sale of Fusion Media Group. Just after Tuesday's Closing Bell on Wall Street, following a day where Univision declined to comment to RBR+TVBR on the report, Univision finally commented on the story. Gizmodo and The Onion are on the block.

A Mountainous Deal For An AM In Mexico

"We make fine radio." That's the assertion made by an operator of 26 "hand-crafted" stations that in April invested in a Twin Tiers property branded as "Yes FM." Now, this company is investing in an AM station with an FM translator proudly serving Mexico.

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