Emmis Puts An Indy Radio Vet At The Helm

An Indianapolis market veteran who started his career in radio as PD of WFMS-FM 95.5 for former owner Susquehanna Radio Corp. has just been given the keys for Emmis Communications' flagship station group.  

Wish Granted: FCC Embedded Market Rule Change Is Done

"It was a tough battle, but it was the right decision." That's what Jeff Warshaw, CEO of Connoisseur Media, told RBR+TVBR on Friday morning as he formally shared the biggest and most positive bit of news he'd be hoping for from the FCC for months. With the 3-2 vote to eliminate the Commission's media cross-ownership rules came a victory for Warshaw and other operators, including Pamal Broadcasting, with respect to how the FCC will view embedded markets. In short, relief is here -- and he's more than relieved.

Radio’s New King Of The Mountain: David Field

Proud father. Frustrated athlete. Lifelong learner. Music lover. Sports fanatic. Now, David Field can add "Radio's Top Cheerleader" to his Twitter feed self-description of who he is, and what he's all about. As the hours tick down to zero for the merger of his company, Entercom Communications, with CBS Radio, this Wharton MBA holder's rise to the top of the radio broadcasting industry -- as both an advocate and a leader on Wall Street and Madison Avenue -- is nearly complete.

KLOVE Comes To SoCal As ‘The Sound’ Is Silenced

This dream will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1 ... And then there was silence, as Entercom handed Classic Rock KSWD-FM 100.3 in Los Angeles over to Educational Media Foundation just before 1pm Pacific on Thursday.

Pai Speaks, Lobbyists Weigh In On ‘Broadcast Ownership Modernization’

"It’s a simple proposition: the media ownership regulations of 2017 should match the media marketplace of 2017." That's the view held by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai regarding the Commission's 3-2 vote to do away with its broadcast cross-ownership rules that have prevented a company from owning both a newspaper and a radio or TV property in a market -- sans waiver -- since 1975. Several interested parties chimed in with their approval, and dissent.
Saga Communications, Inc.

Saga By The Numbers

How does the radio broadcasting industry's newest "pure-play" operator compare to its peers, with respect to its third quarter earnings? That's just what Capital Cube wanted to know, and here's their findings.
Townsquare Media Group

Townsquare Media Shares Sink To Five-Year Low

With Townsquare Media noting during its Q3 conference call with financial analysts that it would put its events business in a strategic review, investors have expressed wariness as to the company's future as a small- and medium-sized radio industry pure play. That negative sentiment continued on Wall Street today, as TSQ shares saw a nearly 3% dip.
Raul Alarcon

‘Abajo’: SBS’s Q3 In One Word

Translated from Spanish to English, that's "Down." And, for Doral, Fla.-based Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS), everything was down except adjusted OIBDA in its Mega TV segment. That said, television is all but a small segment of what impacts SBS. Additionally, digital growth was offset by tough political comps. Nevertheless, some are discussing Chapter 11 for this venerable company -- even though Chairman/CEO Raul Alarcon Jr. controls the bulk of shares and is not in the same situation as companies such as Cumulus Media.
CBS Radio

Share Exchange Ratio Affirmed For CBS Radio/Entercom Deal

CBS Corp. has set the final exchange ratio in connection with its offer to shareholders to exchange their shares of CBS Class B common stock for shares of CBS Radio common stock. It's one of the final moves tied to the split-off of CBS Radio, and the combination of the AM and FM radio assets with Entercom Communications through the tax-advantageous Reverse Morris Trust process.

If It’s Millennials You Seek, Say Goodbye To The Eighties

One week ago, attendees at the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference in Miami Beach heard a lot about millennials, and Gen Z consumers. One session was even titled "The Multicultural Millennial Effect - How Big of A Deal Is This?" It's a very big deal if you're a radio broadcasting company, says RBR+TVBR's Editor-in-Chief. But, the spark for this column didn't come from this conference's panel discussion. Rather, it came from Trivia Night at a craft brewery where none of the millennials recognized songs you've probably heard thousands of times. The solution? Let go, and embrace the '90s.

KLOVE Comes To Capitaland’s Northern Edge

The city of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is known for its horse racing and performing arts center. Now, it will also be known as the latest U.S. city to get one of two Christian Contemporary Music noncomm formats offered by Educational Media Foundation. That's because a station most recently known as "The Jockey" has joined the EMF stable.

Entercom Finalizes Its Format Captain Roster

Entercom on Monday afternoon selected 12 programming format captains, ahead of Friday's expected closing of its Reverse Morris Trust-fueled merger with CBS Radio. Click here for all of the details.

Jared Jumps Into Media Monitors’ Spot Ten Radio Chart

The holidays are just weeks away. Perhaps jewelry is on the gift list? One retailer hopes that's the case and it's using radio to reach potential customers. What are the other active retailers using AM and FM radio stations to get their advertising messages out? Find out now!

Alpha Media Ejects A Silent Lone Star FM

In November 2015, a new Construction Permit for a 23kw FM radio station serving Texas' Hill Country was granted to Alpha Media. The station was never built out. Now, Alpha Media has sold this to-be-born facility to the northwest of San Antonio.

Application Window Opens For MIW Group Mentoring Program

The Mentoring & Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group has opened the application window for its 2018 Mildred Carter MIW Group Mentoring Program. Currently in its 17th year, this experience pairs up-and-coming women who currently work in the radio industry with female professionals recognized as leaders in all aspects of radio broadcasting and media. Beasley Media Group has committed to provide support as the lead sponsor of the 2018 initiative.

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