KLOVE Comes To SoCal As ‘The Sound’ Is Silenced


WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — This dream will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1 … 

And then there was silence, as Entercom handed Classic Rock KSWD-FM 100.3 in Los Angeles over to Educational Media Foundation just before 1pm Pacific on Thursday (11/16).

With an introductory liner voiced by legendary air personality Charlie Van Dyke, “positive encouraging” KKLQ-FM signed on the air, bringing the KLOVE Christian AC network to Southern California.

The Sound ended its broadcast journey, which began in April 2008, with morning co-host Andy Chanley uttering the final words following a final selection: The 16-minute medley of eight short songs found on Side Two of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, including “Golden Slumbers” and “The End.”

It was the same music that KMET-FM 94.7 sailed away to when it transitioned to KTWV-FM “The Wave” on Valentine’s Day 1987.

The format change marks the start of a new era for Entercom, which is set to complete its merger with CBS Radio with the Opening Bell on Wall Street Friday (11/17).

KSWD was selected for divestment by Entercom in order for it to complete the CBS Radio deal, and comply with local ownership caps in Los Angeles. KSWD was sold, along with Class A KSOQ-FM 92.1 in Escondido, Calif., and Class A WGGI-FM 95.9 in Benton, Pa., for $57,750,000.

KSOQ will become an affiliate of the Christian Top 40 “Air1” format.

Class B KKLQ has a rich industry that includes stints as KIQQ-FM, KQLZ-FM “Pirate Radio,” KXEZ-FM “Easy 100.3,” KIBB-FM “B100.3,” KKBT-FM “100.3 The Beat,” and KRBV-FM “V100.3”.


  1. Saw a post of yours, where you said 93.1 Jack might pick up some scraps. I guess that wouldn’t surprise me. Obviously Joe Benson was going to go somewhere. It won’t be the same though, and it was the format and variety that brought people to The Sound. They had some unique ventures, such as 10 at 10 or the A-Z playlist they did on occasion. I imagine Jack might pick up Joe for perhaps the morning show, but I doubt they’ll abandon their No-DJ format, and have actual hosts throughout the day and night. The folks at The Sound not named Joe Benson who came from KMET will be missed.

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