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Wade Davis

Univision’s Q1: ‘Transformation Is Building Momentum’

The privately held company focused on superserving Spanish-speaking Hispanic consumers on Friday released its first quarter results. How did the company do in Q1? Adjusted EBITDA was up slightly, while its recently launched PrendeTV over-the-top offering is off to a roaring start.

BIA: Radio Revenue Falls to $9.7B in 2020

As anticipated, the radio industry took "a very big hit "in 2020 due to the pandemic and subsequent cutbacks in overall spending activity. Over-the-air advertising revenues dropped to $9.7 billion, a 23.6 percent decline from $12.8 billion in 2019. That's according to the first quarter edition of BIA Advisory Services’ 2021 Investing In Radio Market Report.

A Way To Monetize ‘Hyper-Realistic Synthetic Voice Content’ Is Here

No, Tony Stark has nothing to do with it. But, it could prevent a super new way for audio media purveyors to profit from what AI experts at Veritone are calling "hyper-realistic synthetic voices."
Jay Meyers

The InFOCUS Podcast: Jay Meyers

RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson connects with radio industry veteran Jay Meyers to discuss the state of the industry today from the eyes of a former PD, ex-Clear Channel and Jacor executive, radio group CEO and now broker. It's all here in this fresh InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.fm. LISTEN HERE

Urban One In Q1: Normalizing The COVID Comeback

The largest African-American owned media company superserving Black consumers across the U.S. has released its first quarter earnings report. And, like many media companies, the first three months of 2021 weren't so rosy. That set, the seeds for a strong pandemic recovery have been planted ... and the digital dollar tree is blossoming. 

Global corporate logo

Behind The Entity That Wants More Interest in iHeart

From "Friday Night '50s" to Classical music, 1990s club classics, Alternative rock or chat shows on top topics of the day, consumption to one of eight radio brands means you're supporting a British audio media giant that wants a greater stake in iHeartMedia. Here's a close-up look at how Global grew to a major U.K. AM, FM and digital player.

ViacomCBS’s ‘Audio Footprint’ Scaled At IAB Podcast Upfront

The last time ViacomCBS had anything to do with audio, CBS Radio was a part of CBS Corporation, and a reunification of CBS and Viacom hadn't yet been consummated. Guess what? ViacomCBS is talking audio. Only, the discussion is fully focused on podcasts. And, iHeartMedia is involved.
Townsquare Media Group

With a Strong Q2 Finish, TSQ Rides High

Of all of the audio media companies to report its quarterly earnings results, one sticks out for its bold decision to dare to compare its Q1 2021 results to that of Q1 2019. That would be Townsquare Media, where digital ad prowess is now propelling its stock in noteworthy ways.

New Wall Street Weakness For Salem

All seems great for Salem Media Group. Yet, the company's stock price is now two months into a decline that has put a firm break on a big Wall Street recovery.
Daniel Tisch

An Easy Explanation For Tuesday’s Saga Surge

On Tuesday, Saga Communications shares rocketed upward by 30%. This immediately led to questions as to why that even CFO Sam Bush couldn't answer, when contacted by RBR+TVBR. Now, a SEC filing shows what led to the jump, and small retraction in share value seen Wednesday.

How Much News Is On the Radio? Less On FM

More radio stations reported running local news in 2020, new research from the RTDNA finds. There's one twist to that data, however. An increase among AM stations was seen, offsetting a slight decrease among FMs -- even with NPR member stations experiencing a pandemic surge in consumption.

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The WAOC tower

A First Coast Facility Finds A New Owner

From the south side of historic St. Augustine, Fla., sits a broadcast tower that's home to a Class B AM with 230 watts after dark and 2kw when it's light out. It uses an FM translator to give a little "revitalization," too. Now, both are heading to a new owner.

A view of EPCOT Center's Geodesic Dome, from February 2021

Disney’s Broadcasting Revenue Divergence In Fiscal Q2

With pre-market trading not as harsh as post-market trading Thursday for Disney stock, investors may be looking beyond Disney+ OTT subscriber rolls and theme park attendance and revenue by looking at its Broadcast segment. There, the fiscal Q2 tale shows network growth on a balance beam with owned-station revenue slowdowns.
evoca logo

NEXTGEN TV Provider Partners With Skills-to-Jobs Marketplace

What is being described as "the first locally relevant television channel for adult learners seeking short-term courses and credentials to advance their job prospects and navigate the future of work" is now in development.
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom lit up at night

Disney+ Number Shortfall Dings Fiscal Q1

The Walt Disney Company has ended its fiscal second quarter of 2021 with 103.6 million Disney+ subscribers. Uh-oh. Disney+ in early March said it surpassed 100 million subscribers for the first time, and it appears the excitement over the over-the-top platform is slowing down.

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A Virtual ‘Rising Through The Ranks’ For 2021

Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), BMI and the Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio (MIW) Group will stage the 13th annual "Rising Through the Ranks" program virtually for 2021.

In English-Speaking Nations, Ad Spend Surpasses Pre-Pandemic Q1

Standard Media Index's Q1 2021 "Anglo Market Report" takes a deep dive into ad trends across North America, Australia and New Zealand, and the United Kingdom but not Ireland. In these locales, SMI finds, combined ad spend has lifted 4% above the total recorded in Q1 2020 and 1% above the pre-COVID Q1 2019 period.
Rosemary Ravinal

Six Team-Building Ideas to Spice Up Your Next Zoom Meeting

"A year after most of us were forced to work from home, I cringe when I hear from online meeting managers that they still struggle to get participants to turn on their cameras," says noted communications and PR veteran Rosemary Ravinal. "Speaking to a black tile on screen is a morale crusher." These tips could aid in your virtual team building needs.
NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith On The Last Year, And What’s Ahead

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith offered remarks on the state of the industry, and on his year-end farewell from public service, at the association's State Leadership Conference. We're pleased to share them in their entirety.

Internet and digital news for the broadcasting industry.

Why Enhancements To Veritone Digital Media Hub Matter

Veritone says it has made "significant enhancements" to its cloud-native, AI-enabled media management platform, Veritone Digital Media Hub. Here’s why it matters: Remote collaboration, compatibility with existing applications and the ability to extract increased value from content will persist. New features are designed to meet these challenges.

A New FM/HD Audio Processor with Network Interface

A new DAVID IV 719N FM/HD Radio Broadcast Processor with Network Interface has been added to the lineup of tech products available from Inovonics. The company says it provides eased internet access for set-up, control, and increased networking capabilities to the DAVID IV 719 processor.

Xytech, After ScheduALL Buy, Continues To Grow

A Product Manager for Broadcast and Transmission Products and a Director of Professional Services for ScheduALL have been added to the payroll at Xytech.
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